Ontario general election, 1975

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Ontario general election, 1975

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125 seats in the 30th Legislative Assembly of Ontario
63 seats were needed for a majority

  First party Second party Third party
  Bill Davis Toronto 1984 Stephen Lewis - photo by Gordon Griffiths - 17 April 2009 crop.JPG Robert Nixon-c1971
Leader Bill Davis Stephen Lewis Robert Nixon
Party Progressive Conservative New Democratic Liberal
Leader since February 12, 1971 October 4, 1970 January 6, 1967
Leader's seat Brampton Scarborough West Brant—Oxford—Norfolk
Last election 78 19 20
Seats won 51 38 35
Seat change Decrease27 Increase19 Increase15
Percentage 36.1% 28.9% 34.3%
Swing Decrease8.4pp Increase1.8pp Increase6.5pp


Premier before election

Bill Davis
Progressive Conservative


Bill Davis
Progressive Conservative

The Ontario general election of 1975 was held on September 18, 1975, to elect the 125 members of the 30th Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Members of Provincial Parliament, or "MPPs") of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, led by Bill Davis and campaigning under the slogan, "Your Future. Your choice.", won a tenth consecutive term in office. It lost its majority in the legislature, however, for the first time since the 1945 election. The PC Party lost 27 seats from its result in the previous election.

The social democratic Ontario New Democratic Party, led by Stephen Lewis with the slogan "Tomorrow starts today", doubled its representation in the legislature, and became the Official Opposition on the strength of a campaign which called for rent control in Ontario and highlighted horror stories of individuals and bad landlords who imposed exorbitant rent increases. The campaign forced the Davis' Tories to promise to implement rent controls shortly before the election.

The Ontario Liberal Party, led by Robert Nixon, won 15 additional seats, but lost the role of Official Opposition to the NDP. One member of its caucus was elected as a Liberal-Labour candidate.


  Party Leader 1971 Elected % change Popular vote
% change
  Progressive Conservative Bill Davis 78 51 -34.6% 36.1% -8.4%
  New Democratic Stephen Lewis 19 38 +100% 28.9% +1.8%
  Liberal Robert Nixon 20 35 +75.0% 34.3% +6.5%
  Liberal-Labour - 1 - - -
Communist William Stewart - - - - -
Total Seats 117 125 +6.8% 100%  

There were also 12 Social Credit League of Ontario candidates but they were not officially recognized as such as the party did not run enough candidates or otherwise qualify for official party status under the newly passed Election Finances Reform Act, 1975.[1][2][3]

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