Order of Military Merit (South Korea)

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The Order of Military Merit (Hangul: 무공훈장, Hanja: 武功勳章) is the primary military decoration awarded by the South Korean government.

Classes of the Order[edit]

The order is awarded in one of five classes, as follows.

1st Class – Taegeuk Cordon[edit]

Taeguk Cordon Medal.png 1st class: 太極, Taegeuk[1] (Taegeuk Cordon or Grand Cordon) – Taegeuk Cordon of the Order of Military Merit is the highest decoration for military bravery and valour awarded by the government of South Korea. Members of the armed forces of South Korea, as well of its allies, are eligible for the award.

Document of award of the Taegeuk Cordon to the Unknown Dead of Greece for the Greek participation in the Korean War

Notable recipients[edit]

2nd Class – Eulji Cordon[edit]

Col. Edwin A. Doss' Eulji Medal with Silver Star (1952-63 design)

Ulchi Medal.png 2nd class: 乙支, Eulji[2] (Field Marshal Lord Eulji Cordon)

Notable recipients[edit]

3rd Class – Chungmu Cordon[edit]

Chungmu Medal.png 3rd class: 忠武, Chungmu (Lord High Admiral Chungmu Cordon)

Notable recipients[edit]

4th Class – Hwarang Cordon[edit]

Hwarang Medal.png 4th class: 花郞, Hwarang (Youth Military Corps Cordon)

Notable recipients[edit]

  • Major Steven Vorhees Boylan (later Col. US Army retired) For direct support of the 10th Korean "Meng Ho" Division in the central coast region of Viet Nam in 1966.

5th Class – Inheon Cordon[edit]

Inhun Medal.png 5th class: 仁憲, Inheon[3] (Field Marshal Lord Inheon Cordon)

Notable recipients[edit]


  1. ^ 'Taegeuk' is also transliterated as 'Taeguk'
  2. ^ 'Eulji' is also transliterated as 'Ulchi'
  3. ^ 'Inheon' is also transliterated as 'Inhun'

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