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The Rhodesian honours system was established at the time that Rhodesia declared itself a republic in 1970, when a system of military and civil decorations and awards was instituted by Presidential Warrant in November 1970.[1]

List of honours[edit]

The list of Rhodesian honours and decorations, in order of precedence, is as follows:

In addition, the General Service Medal was awarded for military and police service; the Prison General Service Medal for prison service, and a District Service Medal for the Department of Internal Affairs.

Details and recipients[edit]

Around 12,000 awards were given out between 1970 and 1981. The last Rhodesian gallantry awards were awarded in June 1980,[1] three months after Zimbabwe's independence. However, Rhodesian long-service decorations continued to be given to police officers and service personnel until October 1981.[2]

The most highly-decorated soldier in the Rhodesian Army was Major Grahame Wilson, second-in-command of the Rhodesian SAS, who was awarded the Grand Cross of Valour, Silver Cross of Rhodesia and Bronze Cross of Rhodesia.[3]

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