Ormara Turtle Beaches (Ramsar Site)

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Official nameOrmara Turtle Beaches
Designated10 May 2001
Reference no.1070[1]
Double crescent beach, part of the Ormara Turtle Beaches

Ormara Turtle Beaches is a 10 km stretch of sandy beach along the Balochistan coast in Pakistan.[2] Covering an area of 2,400 hectares, it was designated a Ramsar Site (No. 1070) on 10 May 2001.[2]


A considerable number of marine turtles are supported here including the endangered Olive Ridley and Green turtles.[2] It is possible that the Hawksbill turtle is also supported.[2] There are no significant numbers of migratory birds.[2]


The capture of turtles for export and the accumulation of plastic debris.[2]


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