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Hawke's Bay Or Hawkesbay is a beach in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is situated 20 km south west of Karachi. It is accessible through Mauripur Road (formerly Hawkes Bay Road) or the Mubarak Goth Road from Karachi. The beach is named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, later 9th Baron Hawke of Towton, who had a beach house there in the 1930s. He used it for the weekends and other of his contemporaries joined him building houses.

It is a very famous tourist resort. It is a sandy beach with crystal blue water. Every day a large number of people from Karachi visit there and enjoy picnicking, swimming, fishing, and camel and horse riding. Huts are also available for rental there.[1]

Hawksbay is one of the few beaches in the world where green sea turtles come to lay eggs.[2] It hosts one of the rarest reptile species.

Hawkes Bay incident[edit]

Main article: Hawkes Bay case

This was a drowning incident of Shia pilgrims in February 1983.

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Coordinates: 24°51′37″N 66°51′49″E / 24.860202°N 66.863654°E / 24.860202; 66.863654