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Otoyol 2

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O-2 shield}}
The Second Beltway
2. Çevreyolu
Route information
Part of E80
Part of AH1 and AH5
Length38 km (24 mi)
RestrictionsNo through trucks or buses allowed on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
Major junctions
West end O-3 in Mahmutbey, Istanbul
East end D.100 in Kozyatağı, Istanbul
ProvincesIstanbul Province
Major citiesIstanbul
Highway system
O-1 O-3

Otoyol 2 (English: Motorway 2), abbreviated as O-2, locally referred to as 2. Çevreyolu[1] (English: The Second Ring Road), is a motorway in Istanbul, Turkey that forms the outer ring road of the city connecting European and Asian parts via the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

It starts in Mahmutbey East on the European part, where the Avrupa Otoyolu (English: Europe Motorway) O-3 links, runs through the northern outskirts of the city passing over the Bosporus Strait, and terminates at the western end of the Anadolu Otoyolu (English: Anatolia Motorway) O-4, before the toll plaza is situated. Otoyol 2 is toll-free, however the Fatih Sultan Bridge is a toll bridge in the eastward direction only, having its toll plaza at the European side. O-2 is connected via three feeder highways to İstanbul 1. Çevreyolu (First Beltway) O-1 and one highway to Avrupa Otoyolu (Europe Motorway). As the connecting highway of the motorways O-3 and O-4, it is part of the international routes European E80 and Asian AH1.

Otoyol 2
District Km Mi Exit No. Destinations Notes
Bağcilar 0.0 0.0 K19
O-3 E80-Fatih, Edirne
Bağcilar 2.2 1.4 K1 Fetih Cd. No west bound entrance
Esenler 3.8 2.4 K2 Metris/Esenler Connector- O-3
Esenler 4.2 2.6 K3 Eski Edirne Asf.-Arnavutköy
Gaziosmanpaşa/Sultangazi 7.3 4.5 K4 Hekimsuyu Cd.
Eyüpsultan 8.7 5.4 K5 O-2/O7 Connector-
Eyüpsultan 11.5 7.1 K6 -Hasdal,Kemerburgaz
Eyüpsultan/Kağıthane 12.6 7.8 K7 Hasdal/Okmeydaı Connector- O-1
Sarıyer 16.0 9.9 K8 Büyükdere Cd. West bound entrance and east bound exit only
Beşiktaş 16.6 10.3 Harp Akademileri Tunnel[2]
456 m (1,496 ft)
Sarıyer 18.1 11.2 K9 Levent 1 Connector- Levent, Etiler and Baltalimanı East bound entrance and west bound exit only
Sarıyer 18.8 11.7 K10 Cengiz Topel Cd.
Sarıyer 19.2 11.9 Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Toll Plaza
Electronic toll payment only.
₺8.50 toll
20.5 12.7 Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
1,510 m (4,950 ft)
Beykoz 23.6 14.7 K7 Yeni Riva Yolu- Beykoz, Çayağzı, Riva and Anadoluhisarı
Ümraniye 28.6 17.8 K8 O-2/O7 Connector-
Ümraniye 30.9 19.2 K9 -Üsküdar, Çekmeköy, Sarıgazi, Sultanbeyli and Şile
Ataşehir 34.7 21.6 K10
-Üsküdar, Kocaeli, Ankara
Kadıköy 36.2 22.5 Halk Cd.
Kadıköy 37.7 23.4 K11
D.100-Üsküdar, Kocaeli, Ankara

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  1. ^ Usually colloquially called TEM yolu or TEM in Turkish—which refers to Trans-European Motorway.
  2. ^ "Turkey". World's Longest Tunnels. Archived from the original on March 25, 2009. Retrieved March 22, 2009.

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