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Otoyol 3
European Motorway
Avrupa Otoyolu
Route information
Part of and
Length 245 km (152 mi)
Existed 1987 – present
Major junctions
West end D-100 near Edirne
  D-555 near Karamesutlu
in Mahmutbey, Istanbul
in Mahmutbey, Istanbul
East end in Eyüp, Istanbul
Regions: Marmara
Provinces Edirne, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, Istanbul
Major cities Edirne, Istanbul
Highway system
Motorways in Turkey
Mahmutbey Toll Plaza on the
Karasu Viaduct on the

Otoyol 3 (English: Motorway 3), also known as the European Motorway (Turkish: Avrupa Otoyolu) and abbreviated as the O-3 is a 245.1 km (152.3 mi) long otoyol in East Thrace, Turkey. The O-3 runs from Edirne to Istanbul and is the only motorway in Turkey located entirely in Europe. The motorway begins west of Edirne at a junction with the D-100 where it then continues as a beltway passing just north of Edirne. From there, the motorway passes though mostly rural farmland until it enters the Istanbul metropolis near Silivri. The eastern end of the O-3 is at the interchange with the O-1, where the motorway becomes Vatan Caddesi and continues into the historic peninsula of Istanbul as a major boulevard.

The O-3 connects with three other motorways, all in Istanbul; the O-1, O-2 and the O-7; and is a part of the , the International E-road network and of the Asian Highway Network. The motorway has six lanes, three in each direction, except for a 44.6 km (27.7 mi) section between Silivri and Esenyurt.

Exit list[edit]

Province District km mi Exit Destination Notes
Edirne Edirne Merkez 0 0 K1 D-100Kapıkule Westbound only
11.5 7.1 K2 D-535Edirne
15.8 9.8 K3 D-100 via eastern connector
16.7 10.3
Edirne Toll Plaza
Havza 35.7 22.1 K4 D-550Havza
Kırklareli Babaeski 62.9 39 K5 D-555Babaeski, Kırklareli
Lüleburgaz 87.3 54.2 K6 D-565Lüleburgaz
Tekirdağ Saray 116.1 72.1 K7 59-01Vakıflar, Saray
Çorlu 136.3 84.6 K8 59-04Çorlu, Velimeşe
Istanbul Silivri 154.8 96.1 K9 D-567Çerkezköy
167.1 103.8 K10 — Sancaktepe connector to D-100 and D-110
174.3 108.3 K11 TEM connector — Silivri
186.1 115.6 K12 Selimpaşa connector — Selimpaşa
Büyükçekmece 193.6 120.2 K13 Kumburgaz connector — Kumburgaz
199.6 124 K14 D-569Çatalca
Esenyurt 211.7 131.5 K15 34-84Hadımköy
223.8 139 K16 Avcılar-H.dere connector — Esenyurt
Avcılar 226.8 140.9 K17 Ispartakule Blv. — Avcılar
Küçükçekmece 234.5 145.7
Mahmutbey Automated Toll Collection Facility
Bağcılar 235.7 146.4 K18 -YSS Bridge, Atatürk International Airport connector to the O-6 otoyolu.png
236.8 147.1 - Köprü Cd. Eastbound exit and entrance only
237.3 147.4 - Northern Service Rd. Westbound exit only
237.8 147.7 - Mahmutbey Rd. Westbound exit only
238.4 148.1 K19 (Istanbul 2nd Bltwy) — FSM Bridge, Kozyatağı
238.7 148.3 - Hüseyin Karaaslan Cd. Eastbound exit and entrance, westbound entrance
239.5 148.8 - Matbaacılar Cd. / South Service Rd. Eastbound entrance, westbound exit
Esenler 240.6 149.5 - Köyiçi Cd. Eastbound exit, westbound exit
240.9 149.6 - Karaoğlanoğlu Cd. Westbound entrance
241.6 150.1 - Mehmt Akif Ersoy Cd. Eastbound entrance
241.8 150.2 - Atışalanı Cd. Westbound exit
242.4 150.6 K20 Metris-Esenler connector
Bayrampaşa 243.8 151.4 - 50. Yıl Cd. Westbound exit
244.7 152 - Ulus Sk. Eastbound entrance
245 152.2 - Abdi İpekçi Cd.
246.4 153.1 - (Istanbul 1st Bltwy) — Bosphorus Bridge, Kadıköy / D-100Bakırköy
246.9 153.4 - Adnan Menderes Blv. — Fatih Transition into Boulevard

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