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Ottawa–Carleton was a federal electoral district in Ontario, Canada that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1968 to 1988. This riding was created in 1966 from parts of Carleton, Ottawa East and Russell ridings.

It initially consisted of the eastern parts of the city of Ottawa, the Village of Rockcliffe Park, the Township of Gloucester excluding Long Island, and the Township of Cumberland.

In 1976, the city of Ottawa parts of the riding were redefined.

The electoral district was abolished in 1987 when it was redistributed between Gloucester–Carleton, Ottawa South and Ottawa—Vanier ridings.

Electoral history[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1968
Party Candidate Votes
  Liberal John Turner 28,987
  Progressive Conservative Kenneth C. Binks 11,665
  New Democratic Party Harold B. Wilson 3,115

Canadian federal election, 1972
Party Candidate Votes
  Liberal John Turner 31,316
  Progressive Conservative Strome Galloway 22,641
  New Democratic Party Doris Shackleton 11,225
Social Credit David Morse 839

Canadian federal election, 1974
Party Candidate Votes
  Liberal John Turner 38,463
  Progressive Conservative Bill Neville 27,588
  New Democratic Party Dave Hall 6,014

By-election: On Mr. Turner's resignation, 18 October 1976
Party Candidate Votes
  Progressive Conservative Jean Pigott 34,477
  Liberal Henri L. Rocque 18,796
  New Democratic Party Steven W. Langdon 12,777
  No affiliation Stewart I. Crawford 716
  Independent Robert A. Leber 602

Canadian federal election, 1979
Party Candidate Votes
  Liberal Jean-Luc Pépin 33,972
  Progressive Conservative Jean Pigott 26,972
  New Democratic Party Jill Vickers 8,234

Canadian federal election, 1980
Party Candidate Votes
  Liberal Jean-Luc Pépin 34,960
  Progressive Conservative Bert Lawrence 22,384
  New Democratic Party Don Francis 7,788
  No affiliation Oli Cosgrove 235

Canadian federal election, 1984
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Barry Turner 34,693
Liberal Albert J. Roy 30,747
New Democratic Vernon Lang 10,760
Rhinoceros J.C. Reverent Hicks 648
Green John W. Dodson 341
Independent Mireille Landry-Kennedy 281
Commonwealth of Canada Sylvain Labelle 69

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