Otto Heinrich Fugger, Count of Kirchberg

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Otto Heinrich Fugger, Count of Kirchberg

Otto Heinrich Fugger, Count of Kirchberg and Weissenhorn (1592–1644) was promoted to be a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1628. He was the son of Christoph Fugger von Glött, deceased 1615, the grandson of Johann Fugger, deceased 1598, the great grandson of very wealthy Augsburg city International businessman and banker Anton Fugger (1493–1560). The 16th century Fugger's, descendents of a German businessmen family tracked down to the 14th century, were the Imperial bankers with King Charles I of Imperial Spain, also Holy Roman Emperor as Charles V (1500–1558), and his brother, also Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand I of Habsburg (1503–1564), king of Hungary and Bohemia from 1526, emperor from 1556 by abdication of his brother Charles.

He was one of the most active of the Catholic Bavarian generals during the Thirty Years War, and acted as governor of Augsburg, afterwards a member of a big network of cities and places related to the Holy Roman Empire, led by Austria, where his rule aroused much discontent. The Kirchheim branch of the family died out in 1672. There are however, even today, other branches of the Fugger family in Europe and the United States.

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