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The Oulad Tidrarin (Arabic: أولأد تيدرارين‎) is a Sahrawi tribe of Arab origins, formerly considered to be of Ansar status. They speak Hassaniya Arabic. They are Muslims, belonging to the Maliki school of Sunni Islam. They live mainly in Western Sahara but also in Morocco and Mauritania.[1]


The Oulad Tidrarin is one of the oldest Arab tribes that settled the Saguia el-Hamra and Río de Oro areas of Northwest Africa, their original home. Many live in the Cape Bojador and the coastline of the south of Morocco, some on the coast of Saguia el-Hamra and some branches live in the south and east of Mauritania. There are some members of the Uladsliman and Lidadsa in subgroups in Mali.

The name Tidrarin is Berber and means 'small mouintains'. It is the diminutive form of idrarin. i.e. 'mountains'.

Religious activism[edit]

The tribe has established centres for the spread of Islamic culture, particularly along the Atlantic coast region. They have received recognition from the Moroccan sultans for their work in this area.

Clan subdivisions[edit]

Oulad Tidrarin can be divided into eleven clans and twenty-three subclans. The clans are:

1. Almkalcha (Lamghalcha)

They consist of five subclans:
  • Ahl Hajj
  • Asnubat
  • Lamnabha
  • Ahl Ahmed Msska
  • Sawalih

2. Oulad Sidiasin Ben Aalilaassam

They consist of three subclans:
  • Oulad Sliman
  • Da'anin
  • Ahl Abrehmat

3. Lidadssa (Alidadsa)
4. Alabobat (Laaboubat)
5. Oulad Sidahmad Boghanbur (Oulad Boughanbour)

This clan consists of six subclans:
  • Lafaaris
  • Oulad Yassin
  • Oulad Abdallah (Oulad Moussa, Oulad Boucheguer)
  • Oulad Ismail
  • Oulad Abderrahman (Ahlsteilah and Arhailat)
  • Ahl Talbaali

6. Al Husinat (Lahssinat)
7. Oulad Ali (Al Alaouiin the brave clan in the tribe)
8. Lahmaidat
9. Ahl Yara
10. Oulad Bousshab
11. Oulad El Ghazi

All of these tribes gathered in Uladtidrrarin flying are attributed to the Ansar;furthermore,they belong to the main tribe of Azd which contains many tribes ,likewise tribe of chuhuh in UAE

The majority adheres to certified documents to prove their Ansar parentage. Some of the documents are stored in patches of skin and some in patches of old paper.

Most clans meet in the "Aalilasam." A Whole, and who was also Sidaali.

It Ali ben Abiazi bin Ibrahim bin Hannin bin Sarhan. And his sons: Aaz nicknamed Merbaialitami, Grandfather of Oulad Boughanbur and the Oulad Ali, Aoub, Grandfather of Alabobat, Ahmed Ben Yaddas, Grandfather Alidadssa Moughlich, Grandfather of Lamghalcha, Sidi Yassin, Grandfather of Oulad Sliman, Ahl Braihmat and Da'anin, Sidi Al Ghazi, Grandfather of Oulad Al Ghazi,

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