Overwatch World Cup 2017

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Overwatch World Cup 2017
Overwatch World Cup 2017 Logo.png
Tournament information
LocationAnaheim, California, United States
DatesNovember 3–4, 2017
Administrator(s)Blizzard Entertainment
32 team group stages
8 team single-elimination playoff
Venue(s)Anaheim Convention Center
Final positions
ChampionsSouth Korea
1st runner-upCanada
2nd runner-upSweden

The Overwatch World Cup 2017 is an Overwatch eSports tournament, organized by Blizzard Entertainment, the game's developer. It features 32 represented nations from around the world, with the final tournament taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center from November 3–4, 2017.[1][2]

The event has notably been controversial and criticized due to several issues, including China's visa denial, Twitch MVP voting and redrawing of playoff matches.[3][4][5] Twitch streams of the event accumulated over 5.4 million views.[6]

Background and format[edit]

The skill rating of the top 100 players from different countries/region will be determined the qualification of the tournament, as the top 32 countries/region based on the average skill rating of the top 100 players from that particular country/region will participate in this tournament.[2]

Qualified countries[edit]

Rank Countries Rank Countries
1 China China 17 Norway Norway
2 South Korea South Korea 18 Poland Poland
3 United States United States 19 Brazil Brazil
4 Sweden Sweden 20 Italy Italy
5 Finland Finland 21 Spain Spain
6 United Kingdom United Kingdom 22 Israel Israel
7 Canada Canada 23 Singapore Singapore
8 France France 24 Thailand Thailand
9 Denmark Denmark 25 Argentina Argentina
10 Russia Russia 26 Turkey Turkey
11 Germany Germany 27 Belgium Belgium
12 Japan Japan 28 Vietnam Vietnam
13 Australia Australia 29 Portugal Portugal
14 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 30 New Zealand New Zealand
15 Netherlands Netherlands 31 Austria Austria
16 Hong Kong Hong Kong 32 Romania Romania

As the top 32 regions has been selected, players and viewers can vote on their region's representatives to form each region's Competition Committee, which is responsible for selecting the strongest team for the region. The National Team who advance to the Group Stage and the Finals will also be accompanied by the member of their Competition Committee.[2]

Team rosters[edit]

Nation Team Members
China China leave YaoYao Time zhufanjun YuanFang2 Eileen
South Korea South Korea Mano ZUNBA Saebyeolbe tobi ryujehong Fl0w3r
United States United States Rawkus Adam FCTFCTN JAKE coolmatt69 sinatraa
Sweden Sweden Zebbosai Reinforce TviQ CWoosH Chipshajen Manneten
Finland Finland fragi kyynel Taimou Zuppehw LinkZr zappis
United Kingdom United Kingdom ChrisTFer Kruise Smex MikeyA Boombox Realzx
Canada Canada xQc Joemeister Surefour Roolf Agilities Mangachu
France France uNKOE aKm winz SoOn KnOxXx NiCOgdh
Denmark Denmark Fischer Kellex Krytox Kragie Nerfdd Lind
Russia Russia ShaDowBurn Unfixed Rubikon Forsak3n Txao NORGAC
Germany Germany skipjack cRNKz Nesh INTERNETHULK veineless EISSFELDT
Japan Japan Aktm Ta1yo Claire deartn Jasper yoz
Australia Australia kiki rqt aetar trill ieatuup gunba
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Jongie Zonda S1nkler Baconjack KMoMo realment
Netherlands Netherlands Morte Dante TwoEasy Jona Vizility CrusaDe
Hong Kong Hong Kong Mix Mooze Pandaren ManGoLongJai JazZy Hyper
Norway Norway Decod Trob ONIGOD Invision Iko iPN
Poland Poland DANYE matth Matwoj ślepajstos Tank117 setrox
Italy Italy Cerys Bimbz carnifex Nisa fighteR link
Brazil Brazil murizzz dudu kolero liko neil alemao
Spain Spain HarryHook Toxiken Bromas dhaK Winghaven neptuNo
Israel Israel Eqo awkward DeadlyMich KAFEEEEEE ShonP FrAgOn
Singapore Singapore NeonTears JUNGEUNJI AJEN RageOfTofu Cup Zest
Thailand Thailand NzNr Mickie oPuTo Pannys keRLos Teetawat
Argentina Argentina Ddx Klaus Battletoad Nekta leviataN BeastxZuken
Turkey Turkey h3x Nycto Edwin arcade JohnSinan Yaha
Belgium Belgium AFoxx Senpai SPREE Brudor Logix baud
Vietnam Vietnam Maverick MreA Mrhip Kjerry Funky Simple
Portugal Portugal mowzassa kiler4fun Horthic Phatt Addicted Greyy
New Zealand New Zealand Birdy CantuS Signed Legabril HooWoo WILLx
Austria Austria Sensotix Wat7 Itzeru Ub3rb1ng0 Iki Kabaji
Romania Romania RANKNoMoJa cucubau Meza EMKA mL7 tsema


Group stage[edit]

The top 32 national teams have been seeded into eight groups spread across four different regions: Shanghai, China; Sydney, Australia; Katowice, Poland and Santa Monica, California. Each group will play a round-robin schedule of matches. The top two teams in each group will advance to a single-elimination playoff bracket.[2]

Shanghai qualifier[edit]

Group B[edit]

Pos Team MR (W-D-L) GR RD Qualification
1 France France 3-0-0 10-2 +10 Advance to playoffs
2 Thailand Thailand 1-1-1 7-5 +2
3 Denmark Denmark 1-1-1 6-6 +0
4 Argentina Argentina 0-0-3 1-11 -10

Sydney qualifier[edit]

Group C[edit]

Pos Team MR (W-D-L) GR RD Qualification
1 Sweden Sweden 2-1-0 9-3 +6 Advance to playoffs
2 Australia Australia 2-0-1 9-3 +6
3 Portugal Portugal 1-1-1 6-6 +0
4 Italy Italy 0-0-3 0-12 -12

Group D[edit]

Pos Team MR (W-D-L) GR RD Qualification
1 Japan Japan 2-1-0 9-3 +6 Advance to playoffs
2 Spain Spain 2-0-1 9-3 +6
3 Finland Finland 1-1-1 6-6 +0
4 Vietnam Vietnam 0-0-3 0-12 -12

Katowice qualifier[edit]

Group E[edit]

Pos Team MR (W-D-L) GR RD Qualification
1 South Korea South Korea 3-0-0 12-0 +12 Advance to playoffs
2 Netherlands Netherlands 2-0-1 8-4 +4
3 Poland Poland 1-0-2 4-8 -4
4 Austria Austria 0-0-3 0-12 -12

Group F[edit]

Pos Team MR (W-D-L) GR RD Qualification
1 Canada Canada 2-1-0 10-2 +8 Advance to tiebreaker
2 Russia Russia 2-1-0 10-2 +8
3 Singapore Singapore 0-1-2 2-8 -6
4 Turkey Turkey 0-1-2 2-8 -6

Canada Canada 2
Russia Russia 0

Santa Monica qualifier[edit]

Group G[edit]

Pos Team MR (W-D-L) GR RD Qualification
1 United States United States 3-0-0 11-1 +10 Advance to playoffs
2 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 2-0-1 9-3 +6
3 Brazil Brazil 1-0-2 3-9 -6
4 New Zealand New Zealand 0-0-3 1-11 -10


Group H[edit]

Pos Team MR (W-D-L) GR RD Qualification
1 United Kingdom United Kingdom 3-0-0 12-0 +12 Advance to playoffs
2 Germany Germany 2-0-1 7-6 +1
3 Israel Israel 1-0-2 5-8 -3
4 Belgium Belgium 0-0-3 1-11 -10


Playoff bracket[edit]

The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoff bracket. The first round was held at the group stage locations, with the remaining rounds to take place at BlizzCon. On August 28, brackets were drawn to determine the match-ups for the Quarter-finals. The bracket draw was only announced after the final group stage, which is one of the reasons why many people believe that Blizzard added in a bracket draw to prevent team USA from playing South Korea in the Quarter-finals as that was the match-up by default after the group stage.[3] A week before the actual playoff stage, 4 out of 6 players in China's Overwatch World Cup team were denied from the tournament due to visa issues, receiving widespread criticism.[4][5]

Quarter-finals and semi-finals were both supposed to be played on Nov 3, but due to the quarter-finals games running later than expected, the semi-finals games were moved to Nov 4, right before the final match.[7]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
United Kingdom United Kingdom 3
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 0
United Kingdom United Kingdom 0
Sweden Sweden 3
Sweden Sweden 3
Spain Spain 0
Sweden Sweden 2
Canada Canada 3
Canada Canada 3
Netherlands Netherlands 0
Canada Canada 3
Australia Australia 2
Japan Japan 2
Australia Australia 3
Canada Canada 1
South Korea South Korea 4
China China 3
Thailand Thailand 0
China China 1
France France 3
France France 3
Norway Norway 0
France France 1
South Korea South Korea 3 Third place
South Korea South Korea 3
Russia Russia 0
South Korea South Korea 4 Sweden Sweden 4
United States United States 2 France France 2
United States United States 3
Germany Germany 0


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