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Oxford Co., Ltd.
Industry toy
Founded 1961 (1961) (Dongjin Ind. Corp.)
Headquarters Busan, South Korea
Products Construction set
Website http://oxfordtoy.co.kr/

Oxford Co., Ltd. (Korean: 옥스포드) is a South Korean toy company, based in Busan, that makes interlocking brick toys.


The company was first founded in 1961 as Dongjin Ind. Corp.[1]

In 1971, toy sales company Daegoo Lucky toy corp was established.

In 1972, toy sales company Busan Lucky toy corp was established.

In 1984, toy manufacturer PAPA toy Ind. Corp. was established.

In 1992, PAPA was renamed to Oxford co., ltd.

Toy blocks[edit]

The company's small sized blocks are compatible with Lego brand bricks, and the company makes blocks in larger sizes for younger children. Oxford has licenses to make themed sets from Disney, Hello Kitty, Robocar Poli and Pororo. Oxford manufactures Kre-O bricks on behalf of Hasbro.


Oxford sets are commonly copied by Chinese toy companies Sluban and Woma, sometimes with slight changes.


Small blocks[edit]

The company produces small block sets in several themes including:[2]


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