Ozbek Han Mosque

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Ozbek Han Mosque
Stary Krym Meczet Chana Uzbeka.jpg
Basic information
LocationStaryi Krym
Geographic coordinates45°01′45″N 35°05′19″E / 45.02917°N 35.08861°E / 45.02917; 35.08861Coordinates: 45°01′45″N 35°05′19″E / 45.02917°N 35.08861°E / 45.02917; 35.08861
TerritoryAutonomous Republic of Crimea Republic of Crimea (de facto)
StateDisputed between Russia and Ukraine[1]
Architectural description
Architectural typeMosque

The Ozbek Han Mosque (Crimean Tatar: Özbek Han camisi) is located in Staryi Krym, Disputed between Russia and Ukraine[1]. The Ozbek Han Mosque is the oldest mosque in Crimea, built during the reign of Uzbeg Khan in 1314.[2]


Until the 14th century Staryi Krym was known as Solkhat, a prospering city during the reign of the Golden Horde. Early Crimean Khans had their capital in Solkhat until the first part of the 16th century, when the capital was moved to Bakhchisaray, and Solkhat gradually lost its importance as a cultural and economic center.[2]

Madrasah of Eski Kirim(1332) next to Ozbek Han Mosque

The Ozbek Han Mosque was built in 1314 and the madrasah, adjacent to the southern wall of the mosque, was built by Inci Hatun, daughter of Kilburun Bey, in 1332. Of the madrasah only ruins remain today. The mosque has a square floor plan, which reveals architectural features similar to those found in Anatolia during the Seljuk period. A unique feature of the mosque is its monumental entrance with a carved wooden door.[2]

Today, Staryi Krym has a small but devoted Crimean Tatar population, and the Ozbek Han Mosque is once again functioning as a place of worship.



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