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PC Points is a rewards program offered by Loblaw Companies when customers use a PC Plus card at their supermarkets, or use President's Choice Financial credit cards, banking services, or insurance products.

Points can be earned through:

  • use of a PC Financial debit card at a participating Loblaw Companies-affiliated store outside Quebec.
  • purchases with a President's Choice MasterCard.
  • paying for PC Insurance products (with a PC Financial debit card or MasterCard).
  • some banking transactions and mortgages with PC Financial.
  • PC Plus: A program that began in Ontario as a test launch in April 2013, expanding to all other provinces in November 2013. With a PC Plus card (in-store signup), or PC Financial debit or credit card, customers can earn additional bonus points at stores where President's Choice products are sold, if a 'linked item' (usually distinguished through in-store signage) or activated online email offer is purchased. The PC Plus program is tailored to offer bonus points offers based on customers' purchasing habits.

The stated rate of point acquisition is 10 points for every dollar spent on the PC MasterCard, or 5 points per dollar spent on the debit card wherever PC products are sold (excluding Quebec). As 1000 PC Points are valued at $1, every $100 spent with the PC MasterCard or every $200 spend with the debit card wherever PC products are sold earns $1 worth of points. Promotions are sometimes used to give bonus points on specific products.[1] For example, a bonus of 10 PC Points (a value of 1 cent) can be earned for each PC Green shopping bag used at a Loblaw-affiliated store and paying with a PC Financial debit card or PC MasterCard. Extra PC points can also be offered using coupons or multiple PC points can be offered if the store flyer advertises multiple points for that PC product.

Points can be redeemed for free groceries or other rewards. Points may be redeemed once a customer has 20,000 points or more banked. Customers must also have a second form of payment once points are redeemed (as customers can only use points in multiples of 10,000, depending on the total or amount of points the customer has banked). Points may not be redeemed for items such as alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, prescription medication and milk in Quebec.

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