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Spartak Varna
Full nameФутболен клуб „Спартак“ Варна
Football Club Spartak Varna
Nickname(s)Соколите (The Falcons)
Founded28 August 1918; 105 years ago (1918-08-28) as SC Balgarski Sokol
GroundStadion Spartak
ChairmanAsen Milanov / Pavlin Nikolov
ManagerRosen Kirilov
LeagueSecond League
2022–23First League, 16th (relegated)
WebsiteClub website

FC Spartak Varna (Bulgarian: Футболен клуб „Спартак“ Варна) is a Bulgarian association football phoenix club based in Varna, which currently competes in the Second League, the second level of Bulgarian football league system. Spartak plays its home matches at the local Stadion Spartak.

Founded in 1918, Spartak Varna established itself as one of the early pioneering clubs in Bulgarian football. Spartak won the Bulgarian league in 1932, and was runner up in 1931 and 1933. Spartak has spent the majority of its existence in the first tier of Bulgarian football, with the club’s most recent top flight participation being season 2022–2023.

Spartak's nickname is the "Falcons", and the club has a very heated rivalry with fellow Varna-based club, Cherno More Varna. Matches between the two sides are known as the "Derby of Varna". The two sides even used to share the Yuri Gagarin Stadium before it was demolished.


1918–1945: Foundation of SC Sokol[edit]

Spartak Varna was founded on 28 August 1918 by a group of young people, who were playing football together for two years. At the initial meeting, regarding the establishment of the club, the name was decided to be SC Sokol. Niagol Kolev was elected as the first chairman of the club. A few days later, the members of the board registered the Football Club to the government under the name "Bulgarski Sokol". The colors of the team were blue and white. "Bulgarski Sokol," one of the poor suburban teams in Varna, is poorly circumstanced in comparison to the leading teams at that time such as Ticha and "Vladislav." Nonetheless, the football team quickly became stronger, and improved their style of play.

On 30 January 1924 "Bulgarski Sokol" merged with the sport club "Shipka". These days the team proved itself as one of the strongest teams in Varna. Among all the players called with a lot of love from the fans "Falcons" with most successful plays was the forward Mihail Tunchev. In 1924 he was invited in the national team and that way he became the first national player of the team.

A few years later started the rise of the team. In the season 1928/29 the team won for the first time the championship of Varna, and joined the State Championship where they reached third place. Two years later 1930/31 the falcons were again champions of Varna. For the State Championship they reached the final with the Sofia's AS-23. Next year "Shipchenski Sokol" again reached the final, where the rival was the capitol's team Slavia. On 18.09.1932 in front of 10 000 audience on the football field of AS-23 the falcons won with 2:1 and became State Champion and Winner of the Cup of the King. In the next season "Shipchenski sokol" were again champion of Varna, and for the State Championship they reach for the third consecutive time the final. On 03.10.1933 in Sofia rival of the "falcons" was PFC Levski Sofia. Varna's team lost with 3:1 and took the second place in the State Championship.

1945–2010: Merge and Spartak naming[edit]

In 1945 the club merged with other two Varna's football clubs "Levski" and "Radetski". This happened on 18 October 1945, and the team accepted a new name - Spartak Varna (the name Spartak means "Spartacus", a gladiator who led an uprising against Ancient Rome). In the years between 1945–1948, three times Spartak reached the semi-finals of the State Championship. In 1950, the team took the fifth place in the newly created "A" Republican Football League. Spartak Stalin relegated to B League in 1952 but returned to A League at next year. Spartak again relegated to second level in 1963–64 season but returned in 1964–65 season. However, this return was short-lived and relegated in 1965–66.

In 1955, Spartak won the third place and bronze medals in the championship of "A" League. In 1959, the forward of Spartak, Georgi Arnaudov-"Alaha", became a shooter of the championship with nine goals. Two years later, Spartak again had a winner in the shooters list: Liuben Kostov with 12 goals. In 1960/61, Spartak had very good matches in the tournament of the Soviet Army which then was playing the role of the Cup of Bulgaria. They reached the final and met the strongest team in Bulgaria at that time- CSKA. Spartak lost the final 3:0. As a finalist, however, Spartak won the right to play in the 1961–62 European Cup Winners' Cup. Spartak met Austrian club SK Rapid Wien in the first round. After a goalless draw in Wien, Spartak lost the second leg 5–2 at home and was eliminated. In 1969, another sport club merged with Spartak – it was the "Lokomotiv" sport club, a smaller club from Varna. The merge became a fact on 06.03.1969 and the club took the name "JSK-Spartak". JSK-Spartak returned to first level in 1971 but relegated in 1973–74 and returned to first level in 1974–75. JSK-Spartak relegated again in 1977–78.

In 1982 the "Falcons" reached the final of the Cup of Bulgaria as they won the semi-final against Levski-Spartak in Kazanlak in front of a crowd of 20,000. In Plovdiv, Spartak lost the final 4:0 to CSKA-Septemvriisko Zname, but as a finalist they obtained the right to play in the Cup of the National Cup Winners. In the first round, Spartak faced Turkish side Mersin Idman Yurdu. Spartak managed to win in Varna and draw in Mersin, enabling progression. In the next round, Spartak had the privilege to play former European champions Manchester United. Spartak displayed strong performances in both games, but narrowly lost 1-2 at the Yuri Gagarin Stadium and 0-1 at Old Trafford, thus suffering elimination. In the same year, JSK-Spartak returned to the A League. In the season 1983/84, after mighty and successful games, Spartak reached third place. The goalkeeper Krasimir Zafirov was declared the best goalkeeper in the championship. Since 1985 the football was separated from the other sports in JSK-Spartak, and that way the FC Spartak Varna is differentiated as well.

The 80's will be remembered and with the regular participation of the team in the tournaments for the Varna Summer Cup. Rivals of the "falcons" were the teams of NK Rijeka Croatia, the English Oxford United F.C., Hungarian Újpest FC and many others. In 1988/89, Spartak became the first Bulgarian team with private sponsor and president Atanas Atanasov-Kebie. From the autumn of 1994, president of the club was Nikolay Ishkov. Spartak relegated to B league in 1988–89 and returned to A League in 1991–92. However, Spartak relegated to second level in 1993–94.

In the season 1994/95 after mighty games the falcons won the cup as the most progressive team in Bulgaria. In the same season the forward Ivo Georgiev scores 21 goals and became shooter number one of Bulgaria. At this time Spartak was considered one of the strongest teams in Bulgaria. For the first time there was successful transfer policy and perspective selection. Many of the players has a profitable offers from capitol's and foreign clubs. In its 84 years of history Spartak went through many peaks and downfall moments, but it left a bright trace in the Bulgarian football. F.C. Spartak is one of the clubs with the greatest traditions, between the 10 clubs which have most participations in the A PFG, and between the 15 who reached the Champions title of Bulgaria. The same season Spartak returned to the first level.

2010–2015: Dark times[edit]

In May 2010, Spartak Varna was relegated to Bulgarian North East V group due to the inability to comply with requirements for a professional license. As a result, under new ownership, the club was redounded as Spartak 1918. A month later, fans of Spartak Varna (forming the majority of the ultras), not happy with the previous management and not seeing a change after the new registration, formed a new club taking over the license of FC Topolite. However, although reaching an agreement with FC Topolite, the club was not allowed to change the name of that club to Spartak. The fan-owned team finished second after Spartak 1918 in the first half of the 2010/2011 season, but due to financial problems, it stopped its participation. The group of fans who formed FC Topolite kept boycotting the current management of Spartak 1918 for the next few years, by not attending the team's games.

2015–present: Refounding of new Spartak[edit]

2015–2017: FC Spartak and Spartak 1918[edit]

A new team was founded on 17 May 2015 by founding board led by Spartak's legends Atanas Atanasov, Lyudmil Goranov, Dimitar Trendafilov, Ilko Stanchev and Trayan Dyankov,[1] after the original club (named Spartak 1918 at the time) had bad leadership in the last years. The team wanted to use Spartak Stadium in order to start from the 3rd league - the Bulgarian V AFG, but this hasn't happened since the stadium was given to Spartak 1918, which withdrew from V Group and was dissolved. Some of the players who joined the team played also for the local futsal club Grand Pro Varna.

On 11 October 2015 the team signed a sponsorship with UltraGas, which would guarantee them enough money to prepare a new strong team in the future.[2]

On 6 May 2016 team applied to gain rights to play and operate at Spartak Stadium because they can't play at Lokomotiv Stadium in V Group in 2016–17 season if they get promotion. Atanas Atanasov had a talk with the sports minister Krasen Kralev who promised to give these right to Spartak, if the stadium become municipal property, because Spartak 1918 is the current operator of the stadium, even after the condition of the stadium is critical. Atanasov also said, that the team is looking for sponsors and eventually a club owner.[3] On 11 May 2016 the club gain the rights on Lokomotiv Stadium, which would give them the chance to start a complete youth academy from the 2016/17 season.[4]

On 3 July 2016 Trayan Dyankov was appointed as the new manager of the team and would lead the team in Third Amateur League.[5] On 1 August 2016 Dyankov died from a heart attack during training at Lokomotiv Stadium.[6] Atanas Atanasov become the manager of the team for the beginning of the season.[7]

On 26 November 2016 the manager of Spartak, Atanas Atanasov, announced that the club will merge with Spartak 1918 to have one Spartak.[8] On 1 February 2017 it was announced the official merge with Spartak 1918 manager, Ivan Naydenov, taking the team. The complete merge would be after the season end.[9]

2017–Present: Merge of Spartak teams[edit]

On 25 June 2017 FC Spartak and Spartak 1918 finally merged.[10] Three days earlier the new logo of the team was announced.[11] On 29 December 2017 Engibar Engibarov was announced as the new manager of the team.[12] On 6 July 2018 Spartak returned the rights over to Spartak Stadium.[13]

On 12 May 2019 Spartak secured their return to professional football, winning their group two rounds before its end and managing to be promoted to the Second League.[14] However, Spartak endured a difficult season back into the second tier, finishing second to last, suffering an immediate relegation.

For the 2020-21 season, Spartak finally returned to their renovated home stadium.[15] On 16 May 2021 the team secured their first place in their Third League group and won the promotion to Second League once again.[16] The team ended up on top of the standings before the winter break. On 5 May 2022, after a 2–1 home win against Sozopol the team secured a top 3 place and their return to First League in the 2022–23 season, after 12 years of absence.[17] The team missed the chance to win the last league match, and subsequently the league, ending in 3rd place, with the same number of points as Septemvri Sofia and Hebar Pazardzhik.[18]

Spartak experienced a difficult return to the top level. The falcons largely remained within the relegation zone of the regular season and ultimately remained there for the remainder of the season, suffering immediate relegation back to Second League. Season 2023–24 marked a good run in the Bulgarian Cup for Spartak. The team managed to reach the quarterfinals, defeating top tier side Lokomotiv Sofia in the round of 16 after a penalty shootout.


Crest, shirt and sponsors[edit]

Crest used from 2016 until 2018.

Spartak Varna adopted blue, white and red, the main colours of the original Spartak Varna. On 11 October 2015 the team signed a sponsorship with UltraGas.[2] For the first match in 2018 Spartak signed a contract with the reseller store iPhonePlace.[19]

After adopting a new logo in 2016, on 23 January 2018 Spartak managed to return the rights to their original logo.[20]

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt partner
2015–2017 Bulgaria Krasiko Ultra Gas
2017 None
2018–2019 Germany Uhlsport iPhonePlace.bg
2019–2023 Germany Jako Efbet, Intercom Group
2023– United States Nike

European tournaments history[edit]

Season Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate
1961–62 Cup Winners' Cup Preliminary round Austria Rapid Wien 2–5 0–0 2–5
1983–84 Cup Winners' Cup First Round Turkey Mersin İY 1–0 0–0 1–0
Second Round England Manchester United 1–2 0–2 1–4
1996 Intertoto Cup Group 8 Poland ŁKS Łódź  – 1–1 4th
Russia KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny  – 2–2
Germany 1860 München 2–1  –
Czech Republic Kaučuk Opava 0–1  –
1997 Intertoto Cup Group 10 France Montpellier 1–1  – 5th
Netherlands Groningen 0–2  –
Romania Gloria Bistrita  – 1–2
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Čukarički  – 0–3
1998 Intertoto Cup First Round Russia Baltika Kaliningrad 1–1 0–4 1–5
1999 Intertoto Cup First Round Belgium Sint-Truidense 1–2 0–6 1–8
2001 Intertoto Cup First Round Poland Dyskobolia Grodzisk 4–0 0–1 4–1
Second Round Ukraine Tavriya Simferopol 0–3 2–2 2–5


First-team squad[edit]

As of 15 February 2024

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
2 DF Bulgaria BUL Velislav Boev
3 DF Bulgaria BUL Preslav Petrov
4 DF Bulgaria BUL Radoslav Terziev
5 MF Bulgaria BUL Yoan Baurenski
6 MF Bulgaria BUL Aleksandar Tsvetkov
7 MF Bulgaria BUL Georgi Babaliev
8 FW Bulgaria BUL Tsvetoslav Petrov
9 FW Bulgaria BUL Mehmed Sabri
10 MF Bulgaria BUL Rumen Rumenov (captain)
11 MF Bulgaria BUL Viktor Mitev
13 MF Bulgaria BUL Georgi Mariyanov
14 MF Panama PAN Romeesh Ivey
17 FW United States USA Dakarai Truvillion
18 MF Bulgaria BUL Hidayet Hyusein
19 MF Belgium BEL Jamie Yayi Mpie
No. Pos. Nation Player
22 DF Bulgaria BUL Stefan Stefanov
23 GK Bulgaria BUL Georgi Georgiev
29 FW Bulgaria BUL Ahmed Ahmedov
31 MF Ukraine UKR Dmytro Semeniv
44 DF Bulgaria BUL Angel Granchov
45 MF Bulgaria BUL Daniel Nachev
47 MF Bulgaria BUL Svetoslav Nikolov
67 GK Bulgaria BUL Denislav Zhekov
78 MF Bulgaria BUL Velislav Minkov
81 DF Bulgaria BUL Atanas Zehirov
82 DF Bulgaria BUL Lyuboslav Marinov
89 GK Bulgaria BUL Nikola Videnov
99 MF Bulgaria BUL Daniel Halachev
DF Bulgaria BUL Hristofor Hubchev
MF Bulgaria BUL Aleksandar Aleksandrov

For recent transfers, see Transfers summer 2023 and Transfers winter 2023–24.

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
No. Pos. Nation Player

Second-team squad[edit]

Foreign players[edit]

Up to five non-EU nationals can be registered and given a squad number for the first team in the Bulgarian First Professional League however only three can be used in a match day. Those non-EU nationals with European ancestry can claim citizenship from the nation their ancestors came from. If a player does not have European ancestry he can claim Bulgarian citizenship after playing in Bulgaria for 5 years.

Goalscoring and appearance records[edit]

As of 22 April 2022

Most appearances for the club in First League

Rank Name Career Appearances
1 Bulgaria Iliya Kirchev 1951–1965 286
2 Bulgaria Nikolay Stanchev 1994–2006 247
3 Bulgaria Krasimir Zafirov 1972–1984
4 Bulgaria Biser Dimitrov 1955–1964 224
5 Bulgaria Blagoy Yanev 1951–1964 216
6 Bulgaria Kiril Pandov 1948–1960 207
7 Bulgaria Hristo Valchanov 1954–1966 206
8 Bulgaria Stefan Naydenov 1982–1990
9 Bulgaria Encho Nedev 1969–1983 190
10 Bulgaria Plamen Kazakov 1979–1981

Most goals for the club in First League

Rank Name Career Goals
1 Bulgaria Stefan Naydenov 1982–1990
2 Bulgaria Hristo Nikolov 1958–1967 48
Bulgaria Valentin Stanchev 1994–1998
4 Bulgaria Georgi Arnaudov 1949–1961 42
5 Bulgaria Zhivko Gospodinov 1974–1977
6 Bulgaria Plamen Kazakov 1979–1981
7 Bulgaria Stefan Stefanov 1949–1961 31
8 Bulgaria Ivan Petrov 1974–1984
9 Bulgaria Ivan Filipov 1956–1968 29
10 Bulgaria Gerasim Kalugerov 1954–2065 27
Bulgaria Ivo Georgiev 1995–1996
  • Players in bold are still playing for Spartak.

Notable players[edit]

Had international caps for their respective countries, held any club record, or had more than 100 league appearances. Players whose name is listed in bold represented their countries.


Club officials[edit]

Position Name Nationality
Coaching staff
Head coach Rosen Kirilov Bulgaria
Assistant coach Mihail Tzokov Bulgaria
Assistant coach Nikolay Grekov BulgariaGreece
Goalkeepers coach Vitomir Vutov Bulgaria
Youth coach Dimitar Trendafilov Bulgaria
Youth coach Radoslav Boyanov Bulgaria
CEO Martin Zafirov Bulgaria
Sports director Plamen Getov Bulgaria
Academy manager Ivan Tsvetanov Bulgaria

Manager history[edit]

Dates Name Honours
1932 Germany Ferenz Fann 1 A Group Title
1933 Austria Dietmar Marius
1945 Bulgaria Aleksandar Kondov
1949–1950 Bulgaria Stefan Kalachev
1950 Bulgaria Kiril Pavlov
1951 Bulgaria Hristo Minkovski
1952–1954 Bulgaria Kiril Pavlov
1954–1955 Bulgaria Trendafil Stankov
1956–1957 Bulgaria Stefan Kalachev
1958–1964 Bulgaria Toma Zahariev
1964 Bulgaria Trendafil Stankov
1965–1966 Bulgaria Petar Minchev
1966–1967 Bulgaria Ivan Radoev
1967–1969 Bulgaria Toma Zahariev
1969 Bulgaria Trendafil Stankov
1970–1971 Bulgaria Stefan Semov
1971 Bulgaria Vladislav Mirchev
1971 Bulgaria Ivan Filipov
1972 Bulgaria Vasil Spasov
1972–1973 Bulgaria Borislav Milenov
1973–1974 Bulgaria Iliya Kirchev
1974–1975 Bulgaria Dobromir Tashkov
1975–1978 Bulgaria Dimitar Doychinov
1978–1979 Bulgaria Iliya Kirchev
1979–1980 Bulgaria Ivan Filipov
1980 Bulgaria Boris Pavlov
1981 Bulgaria Vasil Nenov
1981–1983 Bulgaria Ivan Vutsov
1983–1985 Bulgaria Lyudmil Goranov
Dates Name Honours
1985–1987 Bulgaria Ivan Filipov
1987–1988 Bulgaria Evgeni Yanchovski
1988–1989 Bulgaria Blagoy Kalfov
1989–1990 Bulgaria Stancho Bonchev
1990 Bulgaria Ivan Vasilev
1991–1993 Bulgaria Lyudmil Goranov
1993 Bulgaria Blagoy Kalfov
1993 Bulgaria Kiril Ivkov
1994 Bulgaria Krasimir Zafirov
1994–1995 Bulgaria Lyudmil Goranov
1995–1996 Bulgaria Nikola Hristov
1996–1997 Bulgaria Stefan Grozdanov
1997 Bulgaria Ferario Spasov
1997 Bulgaria Blagoy Kalfov
1998 Bulgaria Dimitar Penev
1998–1999 Bulgaria Radoslav Zdravkov
1999–2000 Bulgaria Velislav Vutsov
2000–2002 Bulgaria Stefan Grozdanov
2002 Bulgaria Dimitar Stoychev
2003 Bulgaria Miroslav Mironov
2004 Bulgaria Stefan Grozdanov
2004 Bulgaria Rumen Dimov
2004 Bulgaria Petar Kurdov
2005 Bulgaria Radoslav Zdravkov
2006 Bulgaria Nikolay Stanchev
2006–2007 Bulgaria Miroslav Mironov
2007 Bulgaria Nedelcho Matushev
2007 Bulgaria Georgi Ivanov
2007–2008 Bulgaria Atanas Atanasov
Dates Name Honours
2008 Bulgaria Radoslav Zdravkov
2008 Serbia Slobodan Stašević
2008 Bulgaria Ilko Stanchev
2009 Serbia Dragoljub Simonović
2009 Bulgaria Anatolii Kirilov
2009 Bulgaria Atanas Atanasov
2009–2010 Bulgaria Stoil Trankov
2010 Bulgaria Todor Popov
2010 Bulgaria Deyan Donchev
2010–2012 Bulgaria Dimitar Trendafilov
2012–2013 Bulgaria Ivan Naydenov
2013–2014 Bulgaria Georgi Ivanov
2014 Bulgaria Atanas Atanasov
2014 Bulgaria Zlatko Yankov
2015 Italy Marian Pane
2015–2016 Bulgaria Dimitar Pantev 1 A RFG Title
2016 Bulgaria Trayan Dyankov
2016–2017 Bulgaria Atanas Atanasov (interim)
2017 Bulgaria Ivan Naydenov
2017 Bulgaria Zlatin Mihaylov
2018–2019 Bulgaria Engibar Engibarov
2019 Bulgaria Diyan Bozhilov
2019–2020 Greece Kyriakos Georgiou
2020–2022 Bulgaria Vasil Petrov
2022 Bulgaria Georgi Ivanov*
2022 Bulgaria Todor Kiselichkov
2023 Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov
2023 Bulgaria Valentin Iliev
2023–2024 Bulgaria Vasil Petrov


League positions[edit]

Second Professional Football League (Bulgaria)First Professional Football League (Bulgaria)Second Professional Football League (Bulgaria)Third Amateur Football League (Bulgaria)Second Professional Football League (Bulgaria)Third Amateur Football League (Bulgaria)Regional Amateur Football Groups (Bulgaria)Bulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian V AFGBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football Group

Past seasons[edit]

Results of league and cup competitions by season
Season League Bulgarian Cup Other competitions Top goalscorer
Division Level P W D L F A GD Pts Pos
2015–16 A Regional Group Varna 4 22 19 0 03 90 20 +70 57 1st Did not qualify Cup of AFL R1
2016–17 Third League 3 22 4 1 17 21 51 –30 10 12th Did not qualify R1 Bulgaria Ivaylo Rusev 6
2017–18 3 30 10 6 14 43 61 –18 36 8th Did not qualify R1 Bulgaria Desislav Dyakov 10
2018–19 3 29 22 7 0 105 19 +86 73 1st Round of 32 R1 Bulgaria Rumen Nikolov
Bulgaria Valentin Veselinov
2019–20 Second League 2 22 2 4 15 6 42 –36 10 15th Round of 32 Bulgaria Rumen Nikolov 2
2020–21 Third League 3 28 22 5 1 81 11 +70 71 1st Round of 32 Cup of AFL R1 Bulgaria Yancho Andreev 13
2021–22 Second League 2 36 21 7 8 64 39 +25 70 3rd Round of 32 Bulgaria Yancho Andreev 12
2022–23 First League 1 35 5 10 20 32 65 –33 25 16th Quarter-finals Ukraine Denys Balanyuk 5
2023–24 Second League 2 Qualified
Champions Runners-up Third place Promoted Relegated

Spartak II[edit]


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