Pakistan Navy Northern Command

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Pakistan Navy Northern Command
Pakistan Navy Commodore.svg
Active15 Mar 1974 - Present
Country Pakistan
BranchNaval Jack of Pakistan.svg Pakistan Navy
Commanding HeadquartersPNS Zafar
North Navy[1]
EngagementsSiachen conflict
Indo-Pakistani War of 1999
War in North-West Pakistan
Commander North, COMNORCdre Naseer Ahmad

The Northern Naval Command (reporting name: COMNOR), is a military command of Pakistan Navy in the Northern Pakistan.[2] It is currently headquartered in headquarters Commander North which served its regional headquarters and is currently stationed at Islamabad.[citation needed] The command is currently commanded by the Commodore Naseer Ahmad SI(M), who is designated as the Commander North.[1]

The COMNOR mandate and area of responsibility (AOR) includes the defense of northern contingent of the country and the ensure requisite growth and military advancement to protect the strategic areas in northern contingent.[2] The northern command jointly works with Northern Military Command of Pakistan Army. The northern command also provides administrative and combat support in its AOR through PNS ZAFAR as its regional headquarters and PNS Hafeez as its military hospital.[2] The northern command operates NSU operatives to provide intelligence management and security for the northern contingent.[2]


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