Naval Intelligence (Pakistan)

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Naval Intelligence
نظامتِ عمومیِ برائے بحری سراغرسانی‎
Pakistan Navy Rear Admiral.svg
Agency overview
Formed14 August 1947
JurisdictionPakistan Navy
HeadquartersNavy NHQ in Islamabad
EmployeesHighly classified
Parent departmentMinistry of Defense
(Government of Pakistan)
Parent agencyNaval Intelligence Division
(Royal Navy)

The Directorate-General for the Naval Intelligence (reporting name: DGNI), unofficially as Naval Intelligence or Nav Intel, (Urdu: نظامتِ عمومیِ برائے بحری سراغرسانی‎‎) is the military intelligence agency within the Pakistan Navy tasked with primarily the Navy's modernization efforts and advancing knowledge of protecting Nation's interests from seaborne attacks.:150–154[1]

The Naval Intelligence is tasked with primary objective of providing critical information to the Pakistani military's combat branches ranging from gather advanced knowledge on threats of terrorism and briefing on potential targets to the Marines Recon teams and the Special Service Group Navy (SSGN).[2]:65[3]


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