Park Myeong-su

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Park Myeong-su
Park Myeong-su from Acrofan.jpg
Born (1970-08-27) August 27, 1970 (age 46)
Gunsan, North Jeolla, South Korea
Medium Stand-up, Television, Singer, Composer, Philanthropist
Nationality South Korean
Years active 1993-present
Genres Comedy, Singer
Spouse Han Soo-min
Children Park Min-seo (daughter)
Notable works and roles Member of Infinite Challenge
Singer of Prince of the Sea
Host of Happy Together
Korean name
Hangul 박명수
Revised Romanization Bak Myeongsu
McCune–Reischauer Pak Myŏngsu

Park Myeong-su (a.k.a. Great Park, born August 27, 1970) is a Korean DJ, comedian, MC, singer, and songwriter who debuted on television in 1993, appearing on the MBC Network. He is a co-host in the top-rated comic variety programme Infinite Challenge and host of the Date at 2 O'Clock radio show. He has released several music singles, including "Prince of the Sea", which was covered by LPG in 2007.

Personal life[edit]

On April 8, 2008, Park Myeong-su married his long-time girlfriend, 31-year-old dermatologist Han Su-min. This was the first time a member of Infinite Challenge has married since the show's inception. Their first child, Park Min-seo, was born in August 2008.[1]

As of December 2009, with the joint co-operation of its enterprise company, he began serving as a CEO of a business called "Mohani" (모하니), which sells wigs in shopping malls.[2]


Infinite Challenge[edit]

On Infinite Challenge, Park Myeong-su is "the second-in-command" (2인자), putting him below the host-in-chief Yoo Jae-suk, who is "the first-in-command" (1인자). This spawned a running gag in which he often jokes about overthrowing Yoo Jae-suk as leader and becoming "first-in-command" himself. He also called "Rice Insect" (벼멸구), a rival nickname for Yoo Jae-suk's famous "Grasshopper". He also claimed that his nickname should be "Big Star" (거성/巨星 Geoseong). He sometimes tries to make use of his seniority by lecturing the other members on various matters, such as becoming a star; however, they rarely take him seriously.

Another nickname is "Chicken CEO," in reference to the Kyochon chicken shop which he formerly operated. He is currently a Seoul metropolitan manager of Imsil Cheese Pizza restaurant.

In October 2007, Park Myeong-su acquired another nickname, "worthless elder brother" (하찮은 형) after co-host Noh Hong-chul referred to him as a "worthless person with a worthless body" (하찮은 박명수님, 하찮은 몸) in comparison to world-class Figure skater Kim Yuna.[3] Another related nickname is "Father" (아버지) since he is the oldest among another Infinite Challenge members and due to his weak stamina and slowly balding forehead.

Park Myeong-su is famous for his "scolding" repertoire (호통개그), in which he angrily and aggressively scolds his colleagues for usually trivial matters. This led to another nickname, "the Son of Devil" (악마의 아들). A related nickname is "Old Devil" from the "Money Bag" special episode, after co-host Noh Hong-chul was nicknamed the "Young Devil". (The two had stolen a briefcase full of money from Jeong Hyeong-don and subsequently conspired to take it from each other). Another aspect of his character is his tendency to flub words and misspeak when scolding, leading other members to take him even less seriously.

He is also known for arguing and quarreling over petty issues with co-host Jeong Jun-ha. Park Myeong-su's hot-tempered on-screen persona is highly opposite with Jeong Jun-ha's tactless, simple-minded character that occasionally made the former lose his patience. The unique relationship between Jun-ha and Myeong-su has become an occasional segment called "Ha & Soo". "Ha & Soo" also can be called "Peter & Jonathan" with Myeong-su as "Peter" and Jun-ha as "Jonathan". Another similar nickname is "Red Pepper" (고춧가루) after Jeong Jun-ha joked about him and Myeong-su just a seasoning ("red pepper and black pepper") for Yoo Jae-suk that being central of the program ("main menu") during Infinite Challenge "Face-Off" special. The two have also won the "Best Couple" award at the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards, making them the first male-male couple to have ever won the title.[4]

Being an avid electronic music fan, Park Myeong-su, under the pseudonym "Bangbaedong Wildcat", composed a total of six songs in varied genres, including electronic, medium-tempo dance and mystic melodies, for being showcased being fellow co-hosts of the program during Infinite Challenge "Park Myeong-su's How About It" special.[5] Upon the broadcast, his tracks appeared on the real-time music charts for Mnet, Bugs, Naver Music, and Melon, and surprisingly pushed out Girls' Generation's newly released "I Got a Boy" track from the first place on the chart for a while.[6] Since January 2013, he has been listed as an official composer by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) under his "Bangbaedong Wildcat" name.[7]

Park Myeong-su won his first Daesang, the award given to the entertainer of the year, at the 2012 MBC Entertainment Awards after 20 years of his career as an entertainer.[8][9]

Television and Radio appearances[edit]

Current programmes[edit]

Former programmes[edit]

  • MBC's Come to Play (놀러와): Joint Panel
  • MBC FM4U Radio's Park Myeong-su's Fun Fun Radio (박명수의 펀펀라디오): Host
  • MBC FM4U Radio's Park Myeong-su's Dating at 2 pm (박명수의 2시의 데이트): Host (2008-2010)
  • SBS's X-man: Joint Panel
  • OBS Gyeongin Television's A CEO that met by Park Myeong-su (박명수가 만난 CEO): Host
  • MBC's Jippijiggi: Co-host since November 2007, ended April 2008
  • MBC's Sunday Sunday Night - "Dong-an Club" (일요일일요일밤에 - 동안클럽 Medical Quiz bshow): Co-Host from 2006 to 2008
  • MBC's Brain Battle (브레인 베틀, Knowledge Quiz show): Co-Host (2008)
  • MBC's Sunday Sunday Night - "We Got Married" (일요일일요일밤에 - 우리 결혼했어요): Co-Host (2008)
  • KBS's Economy Vitamin (경제비타민, Economy knowledge show): Joint Panel (2008)
  • MBC's Sunday Sunday Night - Hot Brothers (일요일 일요일 밤에 - 뜨거운형제들): Host-in-chief (Since its pilot edition debuted on March 2010)
  • KBS's Oh My School/100 points out of 100 (오 마이 스쿨 / 백점만점, Variety Show): Host
  • MBC's Quiz Show Q (최강연승 퀴즈쇼 Q): Co-host (August–December 2012)[10][11]
  • KBS's Brave Family (용감한 가족): A role as Uncle (2015)
  • SBS's Fantastic Duo: Regular Panelist (2016-2017)
  • tvN's The Dynamic Duo (공조7): Host (2017)
  • JTBC's Jobs: Host (2017)


Year Awards show Category Result
1993 MBC Gag Contest Special Award Won
2005 5th MBC Entertainment Award Popular Actor of Show Variety Won
2006 18th Korea Broadcasting Producers Comedian Award Won
6th MBC Entertainment Award Best Actor of Show Variety Won
2007 7th MBC Entertainment Award The Grand Prize (with Infinite Challenge members) Won
Special Division woojeongsang Won
Bizarre special category Awards, Momgaegeu Award Won
2008 44th Baek Sang Arts Awards TV Entertainment Award (Happy Together Season 3) Won
89th National Athletics Competition Aerobics enthusiasts general portion 6 Artificial second place
(with Infinite Challenge members)
8th MBC Entertainment Award Best Program Award (Infinite Challenge) Won
2009 Melon Music Awards Specialty albums - Naengmyun (냉면) Won
9th MBC Entertainment Award PD Award (with Infinite Challenge members) Won
MBC Drama Awards Excellence radio sector / Good (MC) of Radio Won
2010 4th 20's Choice 20's Most Influential Star Won
A 5th Annual Awards Best Black collar worker Won
KBS Entertainment Awards Best Entertainer Award Won
Best Teamwork Award Won
10th MBC Entertainment Award Best humiliation Award Won
Variety Top Excellence Award For Males Won
2011 11th MBC Entertainment Award Best Couple Award (with Jeong Jun-ha) Won
The 53rd Annual National Rowing Championships 2000m Novice Inn (Special Award)
(with Infinite Challenge members)
2012 12th MBC Entertainment Award Daesang Grand Prize Entertainer of the Year Won
2013 13th MBC Entertainment Award Most Popular Program (with Infinite Challenge members) Won
2014 14th MBC Entertainment Award This year's entertainment program on viewers Choice
(with Infinite Challenge members)
2015 14th KBS Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award - Variety Show Won
2016 15th KBS Entertainment Awards Best Radio DJ Won


Year Title Notes
1999 "Change"
2000 "Dr. Park"
2002 "Son of the Wind" (바람의 아들)
2005 "Tal-la-la" (탈랄라)
2009 "Naengmyun" (냉면) Duet with Girls' Generation's Jessica
2010 "Fyah!" Duet with Gil Seong-jun
"Whale" (고래) Duet with Kara's Nicole
2011 "I Cheated" as Great Park, Duet with Big Bang's G-Dragon
2013 "You're My Girl"
"I got C" Geumary (Park Myeong-su X Primary) feat. Gaeko
2014 "Tteokbokki" writer and composer
"Don't Go" Park Myeong-su & DJ Charles feat. Kim Shin-young, writer and composer
2015 "Goodbye PMS" Duet with After School's Lizzy
"Leon" (레옹) as "EU God-G Isn't EU" (이유 갓지(GOD G) 않은 이유) (Park Myeong-su X IU)
2016 "Dokdori" Park Myeong-su & DinDin feat. Mad Clown


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