Parkway Village, Memphis

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Parkway Village is a predominantly African-American community in southeast Memphis, Tennessee. Parkway Village is bounded by Getwell Road and Lamar Avenue on the West, Winchester Road on the South, I-240 on the North, and Mendenhall Road on the East. The former Mall of Memphis was in the Parkway Village community.

In 1956, developers began to develop the farmland that is now Parkway Village for "gracious suburban living". Parkway Village remained a quiet community with little crime and well kept neighborhoods throughout most of the 1980s. In the late1980s it became a neighborhood in transition and crime rate began to rise.

Parkway Village is in the 38118 zip code. The population is primarily African-American, younger, and mostly single. The average home value, ($68,900) is lower than in the Memphis metro area as a whole.

Neighborhood Amenities


    Memphis Public Library & Information Center, Parkway Village Branch

Medical Facilities

    Delta Medical Center


    American Way Park
    McFarland Park/McFarland Community Center
    Nash Buckingham Park  
    Walter K. Singleton Park/Singleton Tennis Center

Public Schools

Elementary Schools:

    Evans Elementary
    Getwell Elementary
    Goodlett Elementary
    Knight Road Elementary
    Sheffield Elementary

Middle Schools:

    American Way Middle School
    Wooddale Middle School

High Schools:

    Sheffield High School
    Wooddale High School

Public Transportation

    American Way Transit Center, Memphis Area Transit Authority

For profit educational institutions:

    New Horizons Computer Learning Center
    Strayer University

“‘Non-profit educational institution”’

Mid-South Christian College


Coordinates: 35°03′58″N 89°54′40″W / 35.066°N 89.911°W / 35.066; -89.911