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Pascal Guyon
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Background information
GenresPop, Classical, R&B, Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz
Years active1999-present
Associated actsLeona Lewis, Anthony Hamilton, Joe Budden, Big Time Rush, Kat Deluna, DJ Earworm, Wynter Gordon, Heavy D, TVXQ, Super Junior, Jane Zhang, Kim Tae-yeon

Pascal Guyon is a French musician, producer, songwriter and mixing engineer [1][2][3] who contributed to 3 Grammy nominations. He's also a coder and public speaker.[4][5]

Life and career[edit]

Guyon started his professional career as a mixing engineer at seventeen years old. He became a classical and jazz piano teacher by nineteen, teaching at two french conservatories while performing with various bands. Pascal started collaborating with international artists such as Timbaland's artist D.O.E. and K-pop boy band TVXQ.

Guyon worked on "Spirit" by Leona Lewis and “The Point of It All” by Anthony Hamilton within his first two weeks in Los Angeles.[6] He has been making music for elite artists and brands all over the world : Raheem DeVaughn, Rostrum Records, Wynter Gordon, Jane Zhang, Kim Tae-yeon, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.[7]

In 2015, Guyon was a member of the judging panel for Music Tech Fest's hackathon in Scandinavia along with Owsla artist Phonat.[8]

Pascal writes songs with Forbes 30 Under 30 Nanxi Liu,[9][10] co-founder and CEO of Enplug.

In 2017, Guyon programmed a "proof of concept" educational video game allowing instant monetization at no cost to the player by leveraging blockchain technology.[11][12][13][14]

Selected production/musician/songwriting/mixing credits[edit]


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