Passagassawakeag River

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Passagassawakeag River
Passagassawakeag River and US Route 1 Bridge at Belfast, ME.jpg
Country United States
Basin features
Main source Maine
315 feet (100 m)
River mouth Belfast Bay
sea level
44°25′48″N 69°00′22″W / 44.430°N 69.006°W / 44.430; -69.006 (Passagassawakeag River)Coordinates: 44°25′48″N 69°00′22″W / 44.430°N 69.006°W / 44.430; -69.006 (Passagassawakeag River)

The Passagassawakeag River (/pæsəɡæsəˈwɑːkɛɡ/ pas-uh-gas-uh-WAH-keg or /pəˌsɑːɡæsəˈwɑːkɛɡ/ pa-SAH-ga-suh-WAH-keg) is a 16-mile-long (26 km)[1] river in Waldo County, Maine in the United States. From the outlet of Lake Passagassawakeag (44°30′04″N 69°07′59″W / 44.5012°N 69.13295°W / 44.5012; -69.13295 (Passagassawakeag River source)) in Brooks, it runs south and east to its estuary in Belfast, Maine. The river empties into Belfast Bay, an inlet of Penobscot Bay, where it passes under US Route 1.

The waterway's name is of local Indian origin and is believed to mean "a sturgeon's place" or "a place for spearing sturgeon by torchlight." [2]

A moonlight view of the Passagassawakeag River along the tracks of the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad just beyond the old Upper Bridge a little more than a mile inland from Belfast, ME, where it empties into Belfast Bay.


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