Middle Branch Little Magalloway River

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The Middle Branch of the Little Magalloway River is a 4.6-mile-long (7.4 km) river in northern New Hampshire and northwestern Maine in the United States.[1] It is a tributary of the West Branch of the Little Magalloway, located in the Androscoggin River watershed of Maine and New Hampshire.

The river rises in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, south of Prospect Mountain (2,714 feet above sea level), and flows east into Maine. The river joins the West Branch of the Little Magalloway .7 miles upstream of the West Branch's juncture with the Little Magalloway, itself only .3 miles above the river's inlet in Aziscohos Lake.

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Coordinates: 45°07′58″N 71°01′47″W / 45.13278°N 71.02972°W / 45.13278; -71.02972