Mousam River

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Mousam River
Dane & Perkins Mill Site, West Kennebunk, ME.jpg
View at West Kennebunk c. 1908
CountryUnited States

The Mousam River is a 29.7-mile-long (47.8 km)[1] river in York County, Maine, in the United States. Its primary source is Mousam Lake located between the towns of Shapleigh and Acton, Maine, and it flows into the Atlantic Ocean just west of Kennebunk Beach. It flows through the towns of Shapleigh, Sanford and Kennebunk.

Major tributaries[edit]


The Mousam River is one of the most heavily dammed rivers currently in the State of Maine, with a total of 13 (this is excluding major and minor tributaries). Most of the dams on the list below are used for hydroelectric production, while others are for impoundment and recreation, with former industrial uses. The list below is from river source to the mouth at the Atlantic Ocean:

  • Emery Mills Dam or Mousam Dam, Shapleigh
  • Mill Street Dam or Alpaca Dam, Springvale (completed 1910)
  • Bridge Street Dam, Springvale
  • Dam (name unknown), Springvale
  • River Street Dam or Stump Pond Dam, Sanford
  • Number 1 Pond Dam,[2] Sanford (completed 1911)
  • Dam (name unknown), Sanford
  • Dam (name unknown), Sanford
  • New dam[3] or Estes Lake Dam, Sanford (completed 1905)
  • Old Falls dam,[4][5] Kennebunk
  • Dane Perkins Dam,[6] Kennebunk
  • Twine Mill Dam,[6] Kennebunk
  • Kesslan Dam,[6] Kennebunk


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