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Paul Langton in Till the Clouds Roll By (1946)

Paul Langton ((1913-04-17)April 17, 1913, Salt Lake City, Utah[1] – April 15, 1980(1980-04-15) (aged 66), Burbank, California) was an American actor perhaps best known for his role as Leslie Harrington on the television series Peyton Place.

Langton attended the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California.[2] His early stage experience included acting in productions of the Mountain Play Association in California.[3]

Making his movie bow in 1941, Langton became a contract player at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, frequently appearing in war films. Later, Langton was seen in character parts or supporting roles in such films as The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957).

Langton began appearing on television in 1951 in a series called The Web;[4] his first regular role being that of Walter Dennis on the daytime series The Brighter Day.[5] He also made five guest appearances on Perry Mason from 1958-1962, three of which were as prosecuting attorneys. But it was the role of Leslie Harrington on the prime time serial Peyton Place (1964–68)[5]:828–829 that finally gave him a level of stardom. After he was written out of the series, he appeared in half a dozen other programs including It Takes a Thief (1968), Ironside (TV series) and, in his final role, Emergency!, before retiring due to ill health.

He died in 1980, two days before his 67th birthday.


Year Title Role Notes
1943 We've Never Been Licked Naval Officer Uncredited
First Comes Courage Undetermined Role Uncredited
The Cross of Lorraine French Soldier Uncredited
Destination Tokyo 'Copperfin' Crewman / Barber Uncredited
1944 Marriage Is a Private Affair Soldier Uncredited
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Captain 'Ski' York
Gentle Annie Violet Goss
Dark Shadows[6] Peter Selkin – Suspect Short crime drama film unrelated to later supernatural TV series; uncredited
1945 This Man's Navy Minor Role Uncredited
The Hidden Eye Barry Gifford
Purity Squad Mr. Winthrop Short film, Uncredited
What Next, Corporal Hargrove? Capt. Drake
They Were Expendable Ens. 'Andy' Andrews
The Thin Man Goes Home Tom Clayworth Uncredited
1946 Magic on a Stick John Walker Short film – Uncredited
The Hoodlum Saint Bit Part Scenes deleted
Courage of Lassie Minor Role Uncredited
Till the Clouds Roll By Oscar Hammerstein II Fictionalized M-G-M musical biopic of composer Jerome Kern
1947 My Brother Talks to Horses Mr. Gillespie
The Sea of Grass Young Doctor Uncredited
The Romance of Rosy Ridge Tom Yeary
For You I Die Johnny Coulter
1948 Fighting Back Nick Sanders
A Song Is Born Joe
Trouble Preferred Ed Poole
1953 Big Leaguer Brian McLennan
Jack Slade Dan Traver
1954 Return from the Sea Lt. Cmdr. Frank Manley
The Snow Creature Dr. Frank Parrish
1955 Dr. Harvey W. Wiley[7] Harvey W. Wiley TV movie; episode of Hallmark Hall of Fame
Murder Is My Beat Ray Patrick
To Hell and Back Colonel Howe
The Big Knife Buddy Bliss
1957 Utah Blaine Rip Coker
The Incredible Shrinking Man Charlie Carey
Calypso Heat Wave Mack Adams
Chicago Confidential Police Capt. Jake Parker
1958 Girl in the Woods Luke Plummer
It! The Terror from Beyond Space Lt. James Calder
1959 The Cosmic Man Col. Matthews
Invisible Invaders Lt. Gen. Stone
The Last Angry Man Jack Vickery Uncredited
1960 The Big Night Spencer
Three Came to Kill Agent Ben Scanlon
1963 Dime with a Halo Mr. Jones
Twilight of Honor Air Force Sgt. Kelly Uncredited
4 for Texas Beauregard
1964 Man's Favorite Sport? Jim Stern Uncredited
Advance to the Rear Maj. Forsythe Uncredited
Shock Treatment Judge Knox Uncredited
Youngblood Hawke Glenn Hawke Uncredited
TV Series
Year Title Episode Role
1951 Tales of Tomorrow The Monsters
1951–1954 Danger Goodbye, Hannah 1951
Sleep and Tell 1951
Inherit Murder 1951
Border Incident 1952
In Line of Duty 1954
Suspense The Call 1951
Tent on the Beach 1951
Frisco Payoff 1951 – Winters
Pier 17 1951 – Dave Delaney
Death Cargo 1952
Death on the Screen 1954
The Web The Edge of Error 1951
Prelude to Murder 1952
Brush-Off 1954
1951–1956 Kraft Television Theatre Irish Eyes 1951
Two Weeks in the Country 1954
Babies for Sale 1956
1952 Armstrong Circle Theatre Troubled Sands
CBS Television Workshop Rainy Day in Paradise Junction
Goodyear Television Playhouse The Lantern Copy
The Trial of Steven Kent
The Doctor Marti
The Baker Story
Chevron Theatre My Brother's Wife
1952–1955 Studio One The Kill 1952 – Marsh Huddleston
Herman, Come by Bomber 1954
The Broken Spur 1955 – John Temple
1953 Fireside Theatre Phantom of the Bridge Ben
Your Jeweler's Showcase Cell 14 Charlie Harris
1953–1955 The Ford Television Theatre The Jewel 1953 – Dr.Chuck Kennedy
The Road Ahead 1954
Twelve to Eternity 1955 – Frank Johnson
Letter to Loretta Girl on a Flagpole 1953 – Fred Broc
Earthquake 1953 – Roy
Secret Answer 1954 – Norville Knox
The Lamp 1954 – Johnny Ames
A Pattern of Deceit 1955 – Mark Hodges
1954 Cavalcade of America The Skipper's Lady Captain Joshua Patten
The Public Defender Youth Crime Ring Gil Wells
1954–1955 The Lone Ranger The Fugitive 1954 – Clay Trowbridge
Counterfeit Redskins 1955 – Regis Bassett
1954–1957 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Rabbit Foot 1954 – Mal Martin
The Cool One 1955 – Landry
Sentence of Death 1955 – Cochran
The Waiting House 1956 – Pete Hunter
Smarty 1957 – Stacey Harris
1955 The Whistler Sleep My Pretty One Max
Studio 57 The Stalking Horse
Damon Runyon Theater The Lacework Kid Barney Reardon
City Detective Case of the Beautiful Miss X Philip
The Lone Wolf The Las Vegas Story Steber
Treasury Men in Action The Case of the Perfect Gentleman Scottie Barrow
Front Row Center Guest in the House Douglas Proctor
Celebrity Playhouse Showdown at San Pablo Cowie Thomas
Four Star Playhouse Let the Chips Fall Garry Anchor
Frontier King of the Dakotas: Part 1 Fred Graham
1955–1956 Lux Video Theatre Last Year's Snow 1955 – Carl
Witness to Murder 1956 – Matthews
1955–1959 The Millionaire The Jack Martin Story 1955 – Jack Martin
Millionaire Henry Banning 1959 – Spencer
1956 Navy Log Night Landing Tim Lansing
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Fog Closing In Arthur Summers
1956–1958 Matinee Theatre In Dread of Winter 1956
A Question of Balance 1956 – Paul McLean
Cave-In 1958 – Matt
1957 The Gray Ghost The Rescue Gabe Travers
The Restless Gun Revenge at Harness Creek Adam Robie
Telephone Time Novel Appeal Dr. Samuel Rinehart
Code 3 Sunset Strip Tim Hayes
1957–1958 Broken Arrow Renegades Return 1957 – Colonel Horn
Massacre 1958 – Col. Horn
1957–1959 State Trooper The Trap That Jack Built 1959 – Charles Medford
The Cash Out 1957 – Hal Denton
1958 M Squad The Cover Up Van Wert
Mike Hammer Four Blind Mice Lew Fallon
Hot Hands, Cold Dice Frank Beulah
The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen Cat of Many Tails
Lawman Bloodline Matt Saint
Playhouse 90 Free Weekend Paul Newton
Steve Canyon Pilot Error Major Martin
1958–1961 Gunsmoke Gunsmuggler 1958 – Major Evans
Tag, You're It 1959 – Killion
The Imposter 1961 – Rob Curtin/Sam Fraser
1958–1962 Wagon Train The Juan Ortega Story 1958 – Father Martin
The Terry Morrell Story 1962 – Ralph Morse
Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Double 1958 – Harry Vance
The Case of the Bartered Bikini 1959 – Simon Atley
The Case of the Wandering Widow 1960 – Deputy D.A.Telford
The Case of the Cowardly Lion 1961 – Prosecutor Green
The Case of the Counterfeit Crank 1962 – Bertram Telford
1959 The Lineup The Frederick Freemont Case
Zane Grey Theater Deadfall Tom Lamont
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond Premonition Mr. Garrick
The Rough Riders Forty-Five Calibre Law Rudabaugh
Men Into Space Water Tank Rescue Maj. Warnecke
Christmas on the Moon Maj. Dr. Warnecke
1959–1963 The Twilight Zone "Where Is Everybody?" (series pilot)[8] 1959 – Doctor
"On Thursday We Leave for Home" 1963 – George
1960 Tightrope Night of the Gun Lieutenant Harkness
Markham Sing a Song of Murder Lieutenant Gromby
Hawaiian Eye Hong Kong Passage John O'Neil
Tales of Wells Fargo The Trading Post Frisbee
Law of the Plainsman Cavern of the Wind Sgt. Sean McGrath
Not for Hire The General's Daughter Saunders
Rawhide Incident of the Silent Web Henry Porter
Shotgun Slade A Flower on Boot Hill Convict #1
The Chevy Mystery Show The Summer Hero Dr. Walter Halsey
Bat Masterson Debt of Honor Marshal
1960–1962 The Untouchables The White Slavers 1960 – Bob Wheaton
The Floyd Gibbons Story 1962 – Carleton Edmonds
1961 National Velvet The Colt Reg Tolland
Laramie Killer Without Cause Sheriff
The Brothers Brannagan Overexposed Frankie Lyons
Lassie The Patriot Sgt. Nolan
Tallahassee 7000 The Violent Night Todd
Adventures in Paradise Angel of Death Dr. Stan Sandholm
The Roaring 20's War with the Nighthawkers Lt. Michael Carey
Cheyenne The Young Fugitives Clairmont Sheriff
Checkmate The Two of Us The Architect
77 Sunset Strip The Chrome Coffin Mark Evans
1962 Ripcord Log Jam Haney
Bus Stop Summer Lightning Bob Pearson
Alcoa Premiere A Place to Hide Sullivan
The Eleventh Hour Angie, You Made My Heart Stop Maylie
Mister Ed Wilbur the Masher Frank Gordon
The Brighter Day Unknown episode Walter Dennis
1963 Dr. Kildare Love Is a Sad Song Dr. Tab Lamb
The Virginian Say Goodbye to All That Bartlett
The Fugitive Fatso Sheriff
1964 Kraft Suspense Theatre The Deep End Sheriff Johnny Kyle
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters The Day of the Lame Duck Beaufoy
1968 Peyton Place Season 4
Episodes 49, 67, 68, 84, 86
Leslie Harrington
The Outcasts Three Ways to Die Gregg Jeremy
It Takes a Thief Glass Riddle Preston Washburne
1970 The Immortal Sylvia Walter Hiller
1971 Ironside Lesson in Terror Judge
My Three Sons The Sound of Music Father O'Hara
1972 Emergency! Botulism, (Last appearance) Myron Gilmore


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