Pavel Alexandrovich Stroganov

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Count Pavel Alexandrovich Stroganov, by George Dawe

Count Pavel Alexandrovich Stroganov (Russian: Павел Александрович Строганов) (born June 7 (18), 1774, in Paris; died June 10 (22), 1817) was a Russian military commander and statesman, Lieutenant General, Adjutant General to Alexander I of Russia. He took part in the Privy Committee that outlined Government reform of Alexander I.

Marriage and issue[edit]

He married Sophie Golitysn, daughter of Vladimir Borisovich Golitsyn and his wife Natalya Petrovna on 6 May 1793. They had five children:

  • Alexandre Pavlovitch Stroganov (1794-1814)
  • Natalia Pavlovna Stroganova (1796-1872), sole heir to the Stroganov estates, married her cousin count Sergei Grigoryevich Stroganov (1794-1882) in 1818.
  • Adelaïda Pavlovna Stroganova (1799-1882), lady in waiting, member of the Order of St Catherine, married prince Vassili Sergueïevitch Golitsyn (1794-1836) in 1821, inherited Marino Castle from her mother in 1845
  • Elizaveta Pavlovna Stroganova (1802-1863), married prince Ivan Dmitrievitch Saltykov (1797-1832).
  • Olga Pavlovna Stroganova (1808-1837), married count Pavel Karlovitch Fersen (1800-1884).[1]

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