Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

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Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (Russian: Пенсионный фонд Российской Федерации) is the principal national pension fund in Russia. It is the largest organization of Russia to provide socially important public services to Russian citizens. Founded December 22, 1990 decision of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR № 442-1 "On the organization of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation".[1] The fund has branches across all Federal Subjects of Russia. The labor collective FIU - is more than 133 thousand social workers.


Among the socially significant functions of the Pension Fund of Russia:

  • Appointment and payment of pensions (for 40 million pensioners);
  • Accounting insurance funds received for mandatory pension insurance;
  • The purpose and implementation of social payments to certain categories of citizens: veterans, the disabled, people with disabilities due to war injuries, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, etc.;
  • the personified accounting of participants of the system of a mandatory pension of insurance;
  • The interaction of with policy-holders (by employers - the payers of insurance of pension contributions), the penalty of back taxes;
  • The issuance of certificates for a parent capital;
  • The payment of the maternity capital;
  • management of the funds of the pension system;
  • implementation of the program of state co-financing of voluntary pension savings (56-FZ of 30.04.2008, it is also the program "thousands upon thousands");
  • Since 2010 - the administration of insurance funds received for mandatory pension insurance and the FederalCompulsory Health Insurance;
  • Since 2010 - the establishment of a federal social payments to social pensions, in order to bring the total income of the pensioner to the subsistence minimum for pensioners