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The Pioneer Conference in Indiana

The Pioneer Conference was formed in 2009. It is made up of ten small private, military, laboratory, and/or charter schools from Delaware, Hamilton, Johnson, Madison, Marion, and Wayne counties. All schools are Class 1A IHSAA members.


School Location Mascot Colors County Size [1]
Year Joined Previous conference
Anderson Prep Anderson Jets           48
309 A 2015 Independents
Bethesda Christian Brownsburg Patriots           31
106 A 2018 Independents
Central Christian Indianapolis Chargers                49
57 A 2009 Central Indiana
Christian Conference
Greenwood Cougars                41
83 A 2009 Independent
Indianapolis Blue Devils           49
90 A 2010 none (reopened 2009)
International Indianapolis Gryphons           49
129 A 2009 Independent
Liberty Christian Anderson Lions           48
124 A 2009 Independent
Muncie Burris Muncie Owls                18
520 2A 2015 Independents
(MEC 2014)
Park Tudor Indianapolis Panthers                49
376 AA 2019 Indiana Crossroads
Seton Catholic Richmond Cardinals                89
74 A 2015 Independents
University Carmel Trailblazers                29
236 A 2015 Independents

Former Members[edit]

School City Mascot Colors County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference Joined
Indianapolis Attucks Indianapolis Tigers           49
2009 Indianapolis 2018 Independents


The conference was formed in 2009, with four Indianapolis-area private schools (Baptist, Greenwood Christian, International, Liberty Christian) joining with recently reopened IPS school Attucks, whose medical focus causes the school to be smaller than its public counterparts. The 2010-11 school year also brought another small IPS school into the fold, Shortridge. The Conference expanded outside of the immediate Indianapolis area in 2015, adding three Independent schools (Anderson Prep, Seton Catholic, and University), as well as Muncie Burris, who had been voted out of the Mid-Eastern Conference the year before.[1] Indianapolis Attucks left in 2018, and was replaced by Bethesda Christian.[2] Park Tudor would also join the conference in 2019.[3]

Membership timeline[edit]

Park Tudor School (Indianapolis, Indiana)Bethesda Christian High School (Brownsburg, Indiana)University High School (Carmel, Indiana)Seton Catholic High School (Richmond, Indiana)Burris Laboratory SchoolAnderson Preparatory AcademyShortridge High SchoolLiberty Christian School (Anderson, Indiana)International School of IndianaGreenwood Christian AcademyBaptist Academy (Indianapolis)Crispus Attucks High School

Conference Championships[edit]

Boys Basketball[edit]

# Team Seasons
3 Greenwood Christian 2011, 2012, 2014*
2 Attucks 2015, 2017 (W)
2 Liberty Christian 2013*, 2016
2 Shortridge 2013*, 2014*
1 Baptist 2010
1 University 2017 (E)
0 Anderson Prep
0 Burris
0 International
0 Seton Catholic

Girls Basketball[edit]

# Team Seasons
4 Attucks 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017 (W)
3 Shortridge 2012, 2013, 2014
1 Greenwood Christian 2010
1 Liberty Christian 2017 (E)
0 Baptist
0 International
0 Anderson Prep
0 Burris
0 Seton Catholic
0 University


# Team Seasons
1 Greenwood Christian 2016*
1 Seton Catholic 2016*
1 University 2016*
1 Liberty Christian 2017

Boys' Tennis[edit]

# Team Seasons
1 University 2016
0 Shortridge
0 Baptist
0 Liberty Christian
0 Attucks
0 International

All-Conference Teams[edit]



Name Class School
Tristan Williams Fr. Anderson Prep
Krae Sparks Sr. Greenwood Christian
Joel Stinnett So. Greenwood Christian
Nate Weems Sr. Greenwood Christian
Isaiah Brees So. Liberty Christian
Peyton Quinn Jr. Liberty Christian
Matt Armstrong Sr. Muncie Burris
Cliff Dickman Sr. Seton Catholic
Nick Matthews Seton Catholic
Vince Mosey Jr. Seton Catholic
Colten Pippenger Sr. Seton Catholic
Hudson Bebo So. University
Dawson Estep Fr. University
John Lawicki Jr. University
Zach Nerney Sr. University


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