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Piranha Plant
'Mario' character
First gameSuper Mario Bros. (1985)

The Piranha Plant, known as Packun Flower (パックンフラワー, Pakkun Furawā) in Japan,[1] It is considered an iconic element of the Mario computer game, and appears in nearly every game in the series.[2]

They appear as large carnivorous plants portrayed as a leafy, green stalk topped Venus Flytrap with a white-spotted red or green globe and sharp teeth reminiscent of piranhas. Despite being plants, Piranha Plants have been depicted as being sentient and capable of speech in a few appearances, though unlike several other enemies in the Mario series, they have never been shown forming societies. Piranha Plant characters such as Petey Piranha, Piranha Bean, and Dino Piranha, among others, reveal that some Piranha Plants can have animal-like bodies, making them capable of walking. Mom Piranha, Dino Piranha, and Peewee Piranha are all depicted hatching from eggs, suggesting that Piranha Plants may be oviparous. However, relatives of Piranha Plants, Nipper Plants, are implied to have a different reproduction method as they are shown to evolve from spores in the Yoshi's Island games.


Super Mario series[edit]

The first appearance of Piranha Plants was in World 1-2 of Super Mario Bros., where they were semi-common enemies,[3] and have reappeared in nearly all later games in the series. Another type of Piranha Plant that appears in Super Mario Bros. 3 is the Ptooie, a walking Piranha Plant that exhales air to lift a spiked ball into the air to hinder Mario's progress in the game. Piranha Plants usually come up from pipes, but sometimes they may also simply stick up from the ground and in rare cases even walk freely on its own roots. In Super Mario Bros. U, Piranha Plant appears on a moving platform.[4] In New Super Luigi U, the plant appears to be a giant piranha as an enemy of Luigi.[5] In Super Mario World, there is a variant of Piranha Plant that jumps out of pipes before retreating into them again.[6] Super Mario Sunshine introduces a large Piranha Plant character: Petey Piranha[7] and also on Mario Tennis Aces.[8] In Super Mario Galaxy, two stronger versions of a Piranha Plant, Dino Piranha, and Fiery Dino Piranha, appear. Another Piranha Plant boss, Peewee Piranha, appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.[9] Some Piranha Plants spit fireballs and are known as Venus Firetraps. Another kind, introduced in the handheld game Super Mario 3D Land, are Inky Piranha Plants, which spit out ink that covers almost the whole screen and Super Mario 3D World.[10] Piranha Plant appears again on Super Mario Odyssey, when Mario toss into piranha plant, It'll become a playable enemy character.[11]

Other appearances[edit]

Piranha Plants also appear in the Mario Kart series as hazards on the track (as well as a power-up in 8),[12] and in various Mario Party minigames.[13] Piranha Plants appear in the television series. They have made cameos in Tetris Attack and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.[14] A Piranha Plant will appear as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via downloadable content,[15] and also receiving its on amiibo.[16]


1UP.com listed Piranha Plant first in their list of the "Top 5 Enemy Plants".[17] Piranha Plant was listed from GameDaily as top 13 enemy who terrorizes Mario in the game series.[18] It was also described by IGN as one of the best Mario enemies, describing the only enemy who is immune to the jumps and said ""Oh, cool, itsa a green tube! I'll just jump on in to see if there are any hidden secr-" DEAD.[19]

A variety of Mario-related merchandise depicting Koopa Troopas have been produced over the years by Nintendo; this merchandise includes slippers,[20] amiibo.[16] The Piranha Plant merchandise was described as the best.[21] as Piranha Plant was one of the weirdest character in Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai stated on Game Informer and mention that Piranha Plant inclusion Smash Bros. Ultimate are decisions that have been made before the game even enters development, with clear goals put in place before work begins and said "I’m actually not paying too much focus on the surprise element when we introduce a new fighter. The surprise element quickly fades once the announcement has been made".[22]


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