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Princess Daisy

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Princess Daisy
Mario character
Daisy (Super Mario Party).png
Daisy, as depicted in her promotional artwork for Super Mario Party.
First appearanceSuper Mario Land (1989)
Last appearanceMario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Arcade Edition (2020)
Created byGunpei Yokoi
Portrayed bySamantha Mathis (Super Mario Bros.)
Voiced by
  • Jessica Chisum (2000)[1]
  • Jen Taylor (2000–2003)
  • Deanna Mustard (2003–present)
  • Noriko Hidaka (Japanese DVD dub of Super Mario Bros film)
  • Maya Okamoto (Japanese Nippon TV dub of Super Mario Bros Film)
In-universe information
OccupationPrincess of the four Sarasaland kingdoms
Ruler of the four Sarasaland kingdoms
Fighting styleMagic
OriginSarasaland kingdoms

Princess Daisy (Japanese: デイジー姫, Hepburn: Deijī-hime, pronounced [deːʑiː çime]) is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, who first appeared in 1989's Super Mario Land. Daisy is known as the cousin of Princess Peach as stated in the Prima guides for Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii. She is also the princess and ruler of the four Sarasaland kingdoms,[2] who was once kidnapped by the alien Tatanga. Since her appearance in Mario Tennis, she has become a staple playable character in the Mario spin-off games, in which she is often paired up with Princess Peach. She is known to have competitive spirit and is often depicted as a tomboy. It is often speculated that she is Luigi's love interest. This supposed love interest would become the plot of the 1993 live-action film, in which strangely enough, Luigi is the lead character saving Daisy from President/King Koopa, instead of his older brother, Mario, who serves as more of a sidekick in-film and is typically the lead in-game character.[3][4] Her official description for Mario Party 4 states that Luigi might be her rumored love interest, more so from Luigi; but Waluigi likes her too, which she does not appreciate.[5] Daisy appears as a protagonist in the 1993 film Super Mario Bros., portrayed by Samantha Mathis. She was created by Shigeru Miyamoto's mentor Gunpei Yokoi.


Super Mario Land's producer, Gunpei Yokoi, wanted to recreate the feeling of 1985's Super Mario Bros., only set in a separate world to the Mushroom Kingdom.[6] This world would be Sarasaland (occasionally styled Sarasa Land), and Daisy would be its princess. Her early design looked more similar to Princess Peach, except with an orange, titian hair instead of blonde hair, a yellow dress with short puffy sleeves, white frills, orange high heels, a daisy-shaped emerald green brooch, a dark gold crown, emerald green earrings with daisy markings, and wrist-length white evening gloves. In 2000's Mario Tennis, she appeared in game artwork with long hair like Peach, and retained her flower brooch and earrings. She also had a darker skin tone. This design endured until 2002's Mario Party 4, in which she was given her current design which distinguished Daisy further from Peach by depicting her with different physical traits, such as a flip hairstyle and lighter skin, yet with her dress design and crown color being more consistent with Peach's. In her first appearance, Daisy was described as a tomboy,[7] a trait she has maintained throughout the games, with Daisy being depicted as a more cheerful and boastful character than Peach. In Mario sports games, she wears more athletic outfits instead of her usual dress, her color scheme normally being yellow and orange. Her special abilities are often based around flowers, with the daisy flower being her namesake.

Design & Characteristics

Daisy's athletic clothing in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
Daisy's miniskirt in Mario Golf: World Tour.

Princess Daisy has short, brown hair, blue eyes, medium frame, an hourglass figure, and a rosy complexion though sometimes tan. She generally wears an orange and yellow dress with a ruffled hemline, short puffy sleeves, a floral collar, and a pannier-style overskirt. Her accessories are orange high heels, floral white gloves, an emerald green brooch, emerald green floral earrings, and a gold crown adorned with a flower and rubies. Her hair is left hanging down her shoulders mostly seen in all appearances such as sports games, Mario karts, and other Mario franchise. In sports games, she wears yellow athletic clothing, most commonly either short shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt or an athletic miniskirt similar to Princess Peach's.

When she finally became playable in 2000, she was given a short yellow and white miniskirt in Mario Tennis. She was also given a purple miniskirt in the game, but Nintendo hasn't given her the purple miniskirt since then. In Super Mario Strikers, her color scheme changed from orange and yellow to teal. Until Nintendo gives Daisy her purple color scheme again or her teal color scheme, Daisy's color scheme will remain orange and yellow.


Daisy's first apparition in 1989 consisted in being a NPC. Daisy was captured by a tyrannical alien, Tatanga, who intends to marry her in order to gain control of her realm and Mario had to rescue her.

Unlike her cousin Princess Peach, her roles doesn't vary between being the damsel in distress. She can stand up for herself while still being uncaptured. She became first playable in Mario Tennis while her most prominent role being in Mario spin-off games.


Daisy's personality is generally sweet. Even though in Mario Party 3 she slaps Bowser into the sky for trying to kidnap her. In most games, she is portrayed as beautiful and kind princess. She is also described as a tomboy but in some games this has yet to be proven. In most Mario games she is portrayed to have more of a sassy side. Sometimes it is said that Daisy "Doesn't exactly have the poise you might expect from royalty," as stated in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but this varies from time to time. For example, in Super Mario Run, and the earlier Mario parties up until Mario Party 9, she is seen holding her dress as she runs which is something Peach usually does. In Mario Party 10 she is running without holding her dress. Daisy was and still is a reserved princess. Though at times, since Daisy is so similar to Peach, her design is changed from time to time. Typically, she does show a competitive nature, even when she is fighting or playing in certain Mario games. This, however, varies slightly from game to game. Daisy is also said to be a tomboy but this has yet to be proven in certain Mario games.

One of Daisy's most common traits during her playable appearances is her ability to double jump in the air with her large dress as portrayed in Super Mario Run, and float later on, with her orange parasol in Super Smash Bros: Ultimate. Her orange paraosl hasn't been brought back since Mario Party 3, though in Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, her parasol is much similar to Peach's parasol .

In Mario Party 3, Daisy shows wild mood swings from competitive, friendly, calm, and sassy. Though, she shows Bowser that she is capable of defending herself by slapping him completely to the sky.

Voice Actors


Video Games


In video games

Daisy's appearance in earlier games like Mario Party 3 was drastically different.

As of 2021, Daisy has appeared in 81 games, in most of which she is a playable character. Her first appearance in the Mario series is in Super Mario Land, released in 1989 for the Game Boy. Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, a world outside of the series' usual setting of the Mushroom Kingdom, who is kidnapped by the tyrannical alien, Tatanga,[8] who intends to marry her in order to gain control of her realm. Mario must traverse the four kingdoms of Sarasaland in order to track down Tatanga and rescue Daisy. She next made a small appearance in NES Open Tournament Golf in 1991 as Luigi's caddie. She did not appear in another game for nine years until 2000's Mario Tennis by Camelot Software Planning on the Nintendo 64, in order to introduce more human characters into the game.[9] Daisy is regularly a playable character in the Mario sports games. She appears in all of the Mario Party series since Mario Party 3 except Mario Party Advance, and all of the Mario Kart games since Double Dash except for the first two installments of the Arcade GP series, and all five games in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. She also appears in the Square Enix game Fortune Street. On September 29, 2017, Daisy was added to the list of playable characters in Super Mario Run.[10]

Outside of the Mario game series, Daisy was included as a skin in the Minecraft: Wii U Edition Super Mario Mashup Pack, released on May 16, 2016.[11] Additionally, Daisy has been alluded in various games. For example, in every Super Smash Bros. title released since Super Smash Bros. Melee, in addition to Daisy's appearance as trophies, one of Peach's reoccurring palette swaps represents Daisy's color scheme. She has a third eye in the back of her head of her trophy in earlier versions, which was later removed in the later copies. In Melee, there is an error in her trophy description. It says she appeared in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color, although she actually appeared in Mario Tennis for the same consoles. She appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as another trophy with her attire from Mario Strikers Charged. She appears in two stickers: one with her in Super Mario Strikers, and one with her and Peach in Mario Party 7. Again, her description has an error. It says her iconic dress color is yellow and white, but now she wears an iconic yellow and orange dress. She reappears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as both a palette swap for Peach and an unlockable trophy with Daisy in her tennis attire. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, she appears not in one trophy, but three trophies, one with her in her dress, one with her in her sports uniform with a baseball glove, and her baby counterpart. Her Peach palette swap appears in a picture in Peach's clear movie for beating Classic Mode as Peach. She is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as Princess Peach's echo fighter. In the Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, one of Bayonetta's Nintendo outfits is based on Daisy's dress design.

Daisy's amiibo was released on November 4, 2016 to coincide with the release of Mario Party: Star Rush.


Daisy is the princess of the four Sarasaland Kingdoms, where she was born and currently resides. Though, she is seen mainly in the Mushroom kingdom supporting her friends. Within her castle are Royal Guards known as Crazee Dayzees. Or so her fans and supporters have brought that to be true. In Fortune Street, Daisy says, "I'm Getting tired. Subjects of Sarasaland, bring me the rest of the suits!" This indicates that she has servants but Nintendo hasn't revealed who they are. Daisy's first appearance is in Super Mario Land (1989) as a NPC, in which she was captured by Tatanga and Mario had to rescue her.

Daisy is mostly playable in Mario spin-off games as a protagonist. She is a playable character in she is a playable character in most Mario spin-offs such as Mario Parties, Mario Karts, Mario Tennis, Mario and Sonic Olympic games, and Mario Golfs. Although she maybe similar to her cousin Peach in many ways, she isn't your average damsel in distress.

In other media

Daisy was one of the main characters of 1993's Super Mario Bros. film, loosely based on the games, in which she was portrayed by Samantha Mathis. In the film, Daisy is portrayed as sort of a mix between Princess Peach Toadstool and Princess Daisy. She is a student of archaeology at New York University whom Luigi falls in love with. While digging for dinosaur bones under the Brooklyn Bridge, Daisy is kidnapped by two henchmen of President Koopa, the dictator of an alternate world in which evolved dinosaur humanoids rule over a lone mega-city in the Mushroom Kingdoom called Dinohattan, of which Daisy is actually the princess. President Koopa intends to kidnap Daisy to force her to use her necklace, in actuality a piece of the meteorite that split the dimensions and killed half the dinosaurs, to reopen the portal the plumbers came through and take over the Earth and rule both worlds. Luigi and Mario give chase in order to rescue her from Iggy and Spike, Koopa's cousins and henchmen. She appears at the end of the film after the fight wearing a pink version of the brothers' super suits and holding a flamethrower, showing she's learned to fight and needs their help one more time. Daisy also appeared once again as the prisoner of Tatanga in some episodes of the Nintendo Comics System.


Princess Daisy made cameos appearances in non-Mario games and in Mario games. In Super Smash Bros. Melee for GameCube, Daisy has a trophy and is also a color scheme for Princess Peach. In Mario Kart Arcade GP, Daisy has a short cameo on the Daisy Cruiser which appears in Mario Beach. In Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, Daisy has a cameo appearance during the award ceremony and appears on some sponsors as well. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Daisy has a trophy and two stickers. In StreetPass Mii Plaza for Nintendo 3DS, Daisy appears in the Mario Tennis Open Puzzle in Puzzle Swap. Her crown is also obtainable in Find Mii 2. In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Daisy has a trophy and you can unlock her crown for your Mii fighter to wear. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Daisy has two trophies and Baby Daisy has one trophy. Including the 3DS version, Daisy has the most amount of trophies of any non-playable character. Also in the Wii U version, you can unlock Daisy's crown for your Mii fighter to wear. In Nintendo Badge Arcade, Daisy and Baby Daisy have several Badges featuring the two. In Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, a cameo appearance on a battle card obtained from the Peach amiibo. This was also Daisy's first appearance in a non-sport, Mario Party, or Mario Kart game since Super Mario Land and her first appearance in a Mario RPG. In Miitomo Daisy makes a cameo appearance in the background of the Mario and Friends T-shirt fest theme in Miitomo Drop. In Hey! Pikmin, Daisy's amiibo appears in-game when tapped in. In Bayonetta 2, Daisy's dress appears as a costume for Bayonetta along with Princess Peach's dress.

Royal Family

Peach and Daisy have been portrayed as best friends and had a sister-like relationship since Daisy's appearance in Mario Tennis. Though, in the Prima Guide for Mario Kart Wii, it states that Daisy is Peach's cousin. Peach and Daisy have been portrayed as best friends and had a sister-like relationship since Daisy's appearance in Mario Tennis. Though this has been clarified that they are cousins. They have also stated together a good team and are very strong if they are together like in Mario Party 8. Their team name is "Damsels in Success". And, in Mario Party DS, their team name is the "Power Princesses".

Princess Daisy also mentions her father in Mario Party 3. Her father doesn't appear in any Mario games, However Daisy has mentioned him after she loses against her opponent in Mario Party 3. She says,"Augh! I don't believe this! I've never lost - not even to my dad!". This also hints that her father is a ruler too.


Daisy as depicted in Super Mario Strikers.

Initially, Daisy drew little comment. In her early appearances, she was so similar to Princess Peach that some journalists even assumed that "Princess Daisy" was simply a new localization of "Princess Peach" rather than a new character.[12]

Polygon listed Daisy at number 6 in a top-ten list of Mario Tennis Aces characters ranked by the internet, stating "She’s had a healthy share of posts and fan art dedicated to her". The Top Ten website listed Princess Daisy as number four for the hottest female mario characters. GameDaily listed Daisy at number eight in a top-ten list of Mario characters who deserve their own game.[13] GamerVision's "Coop" wrote an article entitled "Top Ten Reasons Daisy is Better Than Peach", giving reasons ranging from her having a "less-annoying voice" and having a "better attitude", to Daisy being a better ruler due to the fact that Sarasaland has only been invaded once, whilst Peach's Mushroom Kingdom is always being invaded.[14] Destructoid's Gamer's Red Carpet called "her choice of a brave yellow and orange combo dress... as flattering as it is retro", and that her dress and accessories "work much better than Peach's", grading her a B+ overall.[15] In 2010, Audrey Drake at IGN listed Daisy as a potential valentine for Mario, commenting that being his "brother's gal" made her a sort of "forbidden fruit", and that he had saved her during the events of Super Mario Land.[16] GamesRadar's Henry Gilbert wrote that it became increasingly evident that Luigi also needs "his own princess" and Princess Daisy is the character to whom he is closest.[3] The pairing of Daisy and Luigi was included in Screw Attack's "Best EVER: Love Stories" video. She was also featured on Susanna Sheath's top 10 Mario characters as her number two choice.[17]Jeremy Parish of ranked 73 fighters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "from garbage to glorious", listing Rosalina (Mario) at number 51, while Princess Daisy placed 31 and Princess Peach was ranked number 4.[18]

However, Daisy also drew some critics. IGN reviewed Daisy negatively, giving her a 4 out of 10, whereas Princess Peach got an 8, Rosalina a 7 and Pauline an 8, but said that the "spark between Daisy and Luigi still burns bright."[4] Lisa Foiles of The Escapist ranked Daisy number one on their list of top five annoying princesses in video games, stating she didn't really have a good reason why.[19] John Teti of The A.V. Club reviewed Daisy negatively, calling her dress "unflattering" and describing her as a "Princess Peach with brown hair" who does not have a tomboyish attitude.[20] Eurogamer refers Daisy as a clone of Peach in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[21] John O'Conner of describes Daisy as a re-skin of Peach.[22] points out that with no rescue narrative between Daisy and Luigi as the basis for romance, she chooses him based on his merits instead of gratitude.[23] Daisy's infant counterpart, Baby Daisy, was listed by as one of the worst Mario Kart Wii characters.[24]


The release of Peachette in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe led to fan speculation and theories as to how the new Super Crown power-up works within the Super Mario universe. Peachette is a mixture of both Princess Peach and Princess Daisy in a way. In Super Mario Run Daisy is given the ability to double jump and Peach is given the ability to float. Peachette can float and Double Jump in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Though On August 6, 2014, Nintendo declared August the Month of Princess Peach, Princess Daisy doesn't have any month of her own because Princess Daisy isn't as popular as Princess Peach. Daisy has many fan arts dedicated to her mostly from Deviant Art and social media platforms. She has received more attention since she became playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Some fans have compared Princess Daisy and Princess Peach's popularity. They have also concluded that since Super Mario Land was such a huge success, Daisy was once popular than Peach. Fans of the princess have also concluded that Shigeru Miyamoto was jealous that Princess Peach wasn't popular like Princess Daisy. Shigeru Miyamoto created Princess Peach and Pauline. Though he did create Daisy and Rosalina. So fans concluded that Miyamoto was jealous and made Princess Daisy disappear to make people forget about her. As time passed by, Daisy's popularity went downhill as Peach's went up. The more and more Daisy's popularity went downhill, the more people forgot about her.

Daisy was finally brought back from her disappearance when Miyamoto rejected the idea of "Warupeach" and revived Princess Daisy to be playable in Mario Tennis leaving Wario to lack a tennis partner. Since Daisy has been brought back, She has had so many supporters and fans. She even has a YouTube channel dedicated to herself called, "We Are Daisy." and many fan arts dedicated to her.


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