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Map showing the borders of London Borough of Greenwich and its 17 wards

The politics of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Greenwich London Borough Council[edit]

Summary of council election results:

Overall control Labour Conservative Lib Dem SDP
2018 Labour 42 9 - -
2014 Labour 43 8 - -
2010 Labour 40 11 - -
2006 Labour 36 13 2 -
2002 Labour 38 9 4 -
1998 Labour 52 8 2 -
1994 Labour 47 8 3 4
1990 Labour 44 12 2 4
1986 Labour 44 12 2 4
1982 Labour 43 16 2 1
1978 Labour 45 17 - -
1974 Labour 52 8 - -
1971 Labour 55 5 - -
1968 Conservative 22 38 - -
1964 Labour 49 11 - -

Greenwich is administered by 51 councillors. The Labour Party currently has an overall majority on the council, holding 42 seats, with the Conservatives holding 9. Labour has had a majority on the council since 1971.

Electoral wards[edit]

Since 2002, the borough has been divided into 17 wards, each electing three councillors every four years.

Ward Members elected in 2002 Members elected in 2006 Members elected in 2010 Members elected in 2014[1] Members elected in 2018
Abbey Wood Clive Mardner (Lab) Clive Mardner (Lab) Clive Mardner (Lab) Denise Hyland (Lab) Ann-Marie Cousins (Lab)
Ismail Danesi (Lab) Steve Offord (Lab) Denise Hyland (Lab) Clive Mardner (Lab) Denise Hyland (Lab)
Steve Offord (Lab) Jagir Sekhon (Lab) Steve Offord (Lab) Steve Offord (Lab) Clive Mardner (Lab)
Blackheath Westcombe Alex Grant (Lab) Geoff Brighty (Con) Alex Grant (Lab) Cherry Parker (Lab) Mariam Lolavar (Lab)
Annie Keys (Lab) Alex Wilson (Con) Geoff Brighty (Con) Paul Morrissey (Lab) Leo Fletcher (Lab)
Rhodri Harris (Con) Alex Grant (Lab) Alex Wilson (Con) Geoff Brighty (Con) Geoff Brighty (Con)
Charlton Janet Gillman (Lab) Janet Gillman (Lab) Janet Gillman (Lab) Allan MacCarthy (Lab) Gary Dillon (Lab)
Bob Lewis (Lab) Allan MacCarthy (Lab) Allan MacCarthy (Lab) Miranda Williams (Lab) Linda Perks (Lab)
Gary Parker (Lab) Gary Parker (Lab) Gary Parker (Lab) Gary Parker (Lab) Gary Parker (Lab)
Coldharbour and New Eltham Dorothy Mepsted (Con) John Hills (Con) Mandy Brinkhurst (Con) John Hills (Con) John Hills (Con)
John Hills (Con) Mandy Brinkhurst (Con) John Hills (Con) Mandy Brinkhurst (Con) Matt Hartley (Con)
Chris Taylor (Con) Chris Taylor (Con) Neil Dickinson (Con) Matt Hartley (Con) Roger Tester (Con)
Eltham North Dermot Poston (Con) Spencer Drury (Con) Spencer Drury (Con) Spencer Drury (Con) Charlie Davis (Con)
Spencer Drury (Con) Dermot Poston (Con) Nigel Fletcher (Con) Linda Bird (Lab) Linda Bird (Lab)
Douglas Ellison (Con) Nigel Fletcher (Con) Dermot Poston (Con) Wynn Davies (Lab) Spencer Drury (Con)
Eltham South Peter King (Con) Peter King (Con) Eileen Glover (Con) Matt Clare (Con) Matt Clare (Con)
Eileen Glover (Con) Eileen Glover (Con) Matt Clare (Con) Mark Elliott (Con) Nigel Fletcher (Con)
Mark Pattenden (LibDem) Elizabeth Truss (Con) Adam Thomas (Con) Nuala Geary (Con) Pat Greenwell (Con)
Eltham West Mick Hayes (Lab) Mick Hayes (Lab) Mick Hayes (Lab) Mick Hayes (Lab) Bill Freeman (Lab)
Bill Freeman (Lab) Bill Freeman (Lab) Bill Freeman (Lab) Bill Freeman (Lab) Mick Hayes (Lab)
Ray Walker (Lab) Ray Walker (Lab) Ray Walker (Lab) Ray Walker (Lab) Miranda Williams (Lab)
Glyndon Don Austen (Lab) Don Austen (Lab) Don Austen (Lab) Don Austen (Lab)
Paul Tyler (Lab) Paul Tyler (Lab) Radha Rabadia (Lab) Peter Brooks (Lab)
John Wakefield (Lab) John Wakefield (Lab) Chris Roberts (Lab) Radha Rabadia (Lab)
Greenwich West Maureen O'Mara (Lab) Maureen O'Mara (Lab) Maureen O'Mara (Lab) Maureen O'Mara (Lab)
David Grant (Lab) David Grant (Lab) David Grant (Lab) Matthew Pennycook (Lab)
Jagir Sekhon (Lab) Margaret Mythen (Lab) Matthew Pennycook (Lab) Aidan Smith (Lab)
Kidbrooke with Hornfair Norman Adams (Lab) Graeme Coombes (Con) Norman Adams (Lab) Norman Adams (Lab)
John Cove (Lab) Norman Adams (Lab) Jim Gillman (Lab) Christine Grice (Lab)
David Gardner (Lab) Andy Jennings (Con) Hayley Fletcher (Lab) David Stanley (Lab)
Middle Park and Sutcliffe Harry Potter (LibDem) Brian Woodcraft (LibDem) Christine May (Lab) Christine May (Lab)
Brian Woodcraft (LibDem) Clare Morris (Lab) Mark James (Lab) Mark James (Lab)
Iain Gerrard (LibDem) Paul Webbewood (LibDem) Clare Morris (Lab) Clare Morris (Lab)
Peninsula Mary Mills (Lab) Mary Mills (Lab) Mary Mills (Lab) Stephen Brain (Lab)
Kuheli Mookerjee (Lab) Dick Quibell (Lab) Dick Quibell (Lab) Denise Scott-McDonald (Lab)
Chris Roberts (Lab) Chris Roberts (Lab) Miranda Williams (Lab) Chris Lloyd (Lab)
Plumstead Pete Challis (Lab) Angela Cornforth (Lab) Angela Cornforth (Lab) Angela Cornforth (Lab)
Angela Cornforth (Lab) Kanta Patel (Lab) Matthew Morrow (Lab) Matthew Morrow (Lab)
Alistair Macrae (Lab) Sajid Jawaid (Lab) Sajid Jawaid (Lab) Rajinder Sehmar (Lab)
Shooters Hill Michael Hayes (Lab) John Kelly (Lab) Barry Taylor (Lab) Sarah Merrill (Lab)
John Kelly (Lab) Danny Thorpe (Lab) Jagir Sekhon (Lab) Christopher Kirby (Lab)
Vicky Morse(Lab) Denise Hyland (Lab) Danny Thorpe (Lab) Danny Thorpe (Lab)
Thamesmead Moorings Peter Brooks (Lab) Peter Brooks (Lab) Peter Brooks (Lab) Olu Babatola (Lab)
Jackie Smith (Lab) Jackie Smith (Lab) Peter Kotz (Lab) Averil Lekau (Lab)
Peter Kotz (Lab) Peter Kotz (Lab) Jackie Smith (Lab) Sizwe James(Lab)
Woolwich Common Brian O'Sullivan (Lab) Beverley Jones (Lab) Beverley Jones (Lab) David Gardner (Lab)
Rajwant Sidhu (Lab) Rajwant Sidhu (Lab) Rajwant Sidhu (Lab) Harry Singh (Lab)
Harry Singh (Lab) Harry Singh (Lab) Harry Singh (Lab) Abreen Hisbani (Lab)
Woolwich Riverside Barbara Barwick (Lab) Barbara Barwick (Lab) Barbara Barwick (Lab) Barbara Barwick (Lab)
Terry Hales (Lab) Terry Hales (Lab) John Fahy (Lab) Jackie Smith (Lab)
John Fahy (Lab) John Fahy (Lab) Mohammed Iqbal (Lab) John Fahy (Lab)

By elections in 2002-2006 Council

Ward Date of by election Member elected
Plumstead 18 December 2003 Kanta Patel (Lab)
Shooters Hill 29 July 2004 Danny Thorpe (Lab)
Eltham North 10 February 2005 Nigel Fletcher (Con)

By elections in 2006-2010 Council

Ward Date of by election Member elected
Plumstead 25 September 2008 Matthew Morrow (Lab)

By elections in 2014-2018 Council

Ward Date of by election Member elected
Greenwich West 7 May 2015 Mehboob Khan (Lab)
Glyndon 5 May 2016 Tonia Ashikodi (Lab)
Eltham North 10 November 2016 Charlie Davis (Con)
Ward Members elected in 1978 Members elected in 1982 Members elected in 1986 Members elected in 1990 Members elected in 1994 Members elected in 1998
Abbey Wood Woodrow Clacher (Lab) John Wakefield (Lab) Graham Barnes (Alliance) David Lewis (SDP) David Lewis (SDP) Clive Mardner (Lab)
Arthur Capelin (Lab) Michael Yates (Lab) Terry Malone (Alliance) Terry Malone (SDP) Terry Malone (SDP) Derek Steedman (Lab)
Arsenal Norman Sims (Lab) David Whyte (Lab) Lance Mulcahy (Lab) Lance Mulcahy (Lab) Justin Pierce (Lab) Brian O'Sullivan (Lab)
Avery Hill Anthony Newman (Lab) Edward Randall (Lib Alliance) Edward Randall (Alliance) Edward Randall (LibDem) Edward Randall (LibDem) Mark Pattenden (LibDem)
Blackheath Arthur Rolfe (Con) Arthur Rolfe (Con) John Antcliffe (Con) Geoff Brighty (Con) Geoff Brighty (Con) Geoff Brighty (Con)
James Foreman-Pack (Con) Raymond Hatter (Con) Robin Henderson (Con) Robin Henderson (Con) Chris Phillips (Con) Rhodri Harris (Con)
Burrage Philip Mornington (Lab) James Draper (Lab) James Draper (Lab) Len Duvall (Lab) Len Duvall (Lab) Len Duvall (Lab)
Charlton Roy Preston (Lab) Dave Picton (Lab) Dave Picton (Lab) Dave Picton (Lab) Dave Picton (Lab) David Grant (Lab)
Gurdip Dhillon (Lab) Roy Preston (Lab) Lesley Seary (Lab) Sukhudev Sanghara (Lab) Sukhudev Sanghara (Lab) Sajid Jawaid (Lab)
Coldharbour Eugene Keating (Lab) Thomas Carter (Lab) Thomas Carter (Lab) William Jeavons (Lab) Pete Challis (Lab) Jacques Devaux (Lab)
Ramon Martin (Lab) Paul Richardson (Lab) William Jeavons (Lab) Pete Challis (Lab) Jacques Devaux (Lab) John Kelly (Lab)
Deansfield Terence Jones (Con) Terence Jones (Con) Alec Miles (Con) Alec Miles (Con) Alec Miles (Con) Alec Miles (Con)
Eltham Park Wendy Mitchell (Con) Wendy Mitchell (Con) Wendy Mitchell (Con) Wendy Mitchell (Con) Dermot Poston (Con) Dermot Poston (Con)
Colin Coulson-Thomas (Con) Kenneth Kear (Con) Kenneth Kear (Con) Kenneth Kear (Con) Michael Simpson (Con) Michael Simpson (Con)
Eynsham Alan Brooks (Lab) Philip Graham (Lab) Philip Graham (Lab) John Rastall (SDP) Barrie Groves (SDP) Barrie Groves (Lab)
Derek Dean (Lab) Laura Vincent (Lab) Simon Oelman (Lab) Barrie Groves (SDP) John Rastall (SDP) Ismail Danesi (Lab)
Ferrier David Crowther (Lab) David Crowther (Lab) Serena Lovelace (Lab) James Gillman (Lab) Deborah Smith (Lab) Mavis Best (Lab)
Charles Parker (Lab) Patrick Wells (Lab) Edward McParland (Lab) Edward McParland (Lab) Michael Yates (Lab) Deborah Smith (Lab)
Glyndon Christopher Jeffrey (Lab) Christopher Jeffrey (Lab) Glyn Williams (Lab) Clare Cronin (Lab) Don Austen (Lab) Don Austen (Lab)
Joseph Stanyer (Lab) Glyn Williams (Lab) Steven Morgan (Lab) Satish Rai (Lab) John Wakefield (Lab) John Wakefield (Lab)
Herbert Rees Vaughan (Lab) Rees Vaughan (Lab) Duncan Maxton (Lab) Samuel Coker (Lab) Samuel Coker (Lab) Beverley Jones (Lab)
John Dunbar (Lab) Frank Smith (Lab) Kanta Patel (Lab) Kanta Patel (Lab) Simon Oelman (Lab) Rajwant Sidhu (Lab)
Hornfair Jim Gillman (Lab) Jim Gillman (Lab) Jim Gillman (Lab) Irene Hogben (Lab) Janet Gillman (Lab) Janet Gillman (Lab)
John Austin-Walker (Lab John Austin-Walker (Lab) John Austin-Walker (Lab) Bob Lewis (Lab) Bob Lewis (Lab) Bob Lewis (Lab)
Kidbrooke Allan MacCarthy (Lab) Geoff Brighty (Con) James Coughlan (Lab) James Coughlan (Lab) Norman Adams (Lab) Norman Adams (Lab)
Nigel Edgerton (Lab) Allan MacCarthy (Lab) Michael Rees (Lab) Giles Brennand (Con) Sabiha Shahzad (Lab) John Cove (Lab)
Lakedale Richard Hove (Lab) Victor Farlie (Lab) Richard Norris (Lab) Ashraith Francis (Lab) Adele Gordon-Peiniger (Lab) Carl Boothe (Lab)
Marie Kingwell (Lab) James Coughlan (Lab) Stephen Smith (Lab) Sajid Jawaid (Lab) Sajid Jawaid (Lab) Barbara Barwick (Lab)
Middle Park Hannah Stroud (Lab) Hannah Stroud (Lab) Catherine Jeffrey (Lab) Philip Graham (Lab) Robert Harris (Lab) Robert Harris (Lab)
John Shlackman (Lab) John Shlackman (Lab) John Shlackman (Lab) Robert Harris (Lab) Barry Taylor (Lab) Barry Taylor (Lab)
New Eltham David Hubber (Con) David Hubber (Con) Dorothy Mepsted (Con) Dorothy Mepsted (Con) Dorothy Mepsted (Con) Dorothy Mepsted (Con)
Dermot Poston (Con) Dermot Poston (Con) Dermot Poston (Con) Martin Gooding (Con) Peter May (Lab) Sidney Nicholson (Con)
Nightingale Margrett Bell (Lab) Margrett Bell (Lab) Pete Challis (Lab) Andrew Gordon (Lab Keith Scott (Lab) Keith Scott (Lab)
Palace Peter King (Con) Peter King (Con) Peter King (Con) Peter King (Con) Peter King (Con) Peter King (Con)
Plumstead Common Shirley Silverman (Lab) Maureen O'Mara (Lab) Piara Rahi (Lab) Vicky Morse (Lab) Vicky Morse (Lab) Vicky Morse (Lab)
Rectory Field Norman Adams (Lab) Norman Adams (Lab) Norman Adams (Lab) Victor Farlie (Lab) Irene Hogben (Lab) Angela Cornforth (Lab)
Donald Swan (Lab) Ronald Robinson (Lab) Victor Farlie (Lab) Norman Adams (Lab) Derek Steedman (Lab) Gary Parker (Lab)
St Alfege Peter Bassett (Con) Dot Bigwood (Lab) Dot Bigwood (Lab) Adele Gordon-Peiniger (Lab) Chris Roberts (Lab) Chris Roberts (Lab)
Robert Browne-Clayton (Con) Robert Gosden (Lab) David Clark (Lab) Deborah Smith (Lab) Kanta Patel (Lab) Kanta Patel (Lab)
St Mary Charles Brooker (Lab) Brian O'Sullivan (Lab) Brian O'Sullivan (Lab) John Fahy (Lab) Brian O'Sullivan (Lab) Nicholas McShee (Lab)
Catherine Jeffrey (Lab) Catherine Jeffrey (Lab) Christine Williams (Lab) Brian O'Sullivan (Lab) John Fahy (Lab) John Fahy (Lab)
St Nicholas Margaret Dean (Lab) Benjamin Mansell (Lab) Annette Barratt (Lab) Roger Hook (Lab) Annette Barratt (Lab) Alistair Macrae (Lab)
Benjamin Mansell (Lab) Timothy Barnett (Lab) William Murphy (Lab) Thelma Purcell (Lab) Claudia Slee (Lab) Claudia Slee (Lab)
Sherard Jeff Jeffrey (Lab) Jeff Jeffrey (Lab) Jeff Jeffrey (Lab) Robert Callow (Lab) Mick Hayes (Lab) Mick Hayes (Lab)
Aleyne Friesner (Lab) Aleyne Friesner (Lab) Quentin Marsh (Lab) Quentin Marsh (Lab) Quentin Marsh (Lab) Quentin Marsh (Lab)
Shrewsbury Eileen Sharp (Con) Eileen Sharp (Con) Lewis Sergeant (Con) Lewis Sergeant (Con) Michael Hayes (Lab) Michael Hayes (Lab)
Slade Sydney Kingwell (Lab) Marie Kingwell (SDP Alliance) David Woodhead (Alliance) John Austin-Walker (Lab) Christopher Evans (Lab) Pete Challis (Lab)
Babubhai Master (Lab) David Woodhead (Lib Alliance) Colin Smith (Alliance) Annett Barratt (Lab) David Woodhead (LibDem) Ann Hutchinson (Lab)
Sutcliffe Trevor Smart (Con) Dingle Clark (Con) Dingle Clark (Con) Brian Woodcraft (LibDem) Brian Woodcraft (LibDem) Brian Woodcraft (LibDem)
Tarn Derek Richards (Con) Derek Richards (Con) Derek Richards (Con) Derek Richards (Con) Derek Richards (Con) Terry Malone (Lab)
Thamesmead Moorings Lance Mulcahy (Lab) Edward Claridge (Lab) Don Austen (Alliance) Edward Claridge (Lab) Claude Ramsay (Lab) Peter Brooks (Lab)
Elsie Simmonds (Lab) Lance Mulcahy (Lab) Edward Claridge (Lab) Patricia Claridge (Lab) Peter Kotz (Lab) Peter Kotz (Lab)
Trafalgar Frank Burton (Lab) Frank Burton (Lab) Alexandra Birtles (Lab) Elizabeth Farmer (Lab) Marion Moseley (Lab) Marion Moseley (Lab)
David Cooper (Lab) Claer Lloyd-Jones (Lab) Elizabeth Farmer (Lab) Roger Taylor (Lab) Jim Gillman (Lab) Jim Gillman (Lab)
Vanbrugh Alice McCleery (Con) Jeremy Wise (Con) Trevor Allman (Lab) Dot Bigwood (Lab) Anthony Moon (Lab) Alex Grant (Lab)
Jeremy Wise (Con) Beryl Blackaby (Con) Christopher Fay (Lab) Anthony Moon (Lab) Richard Rudkin (Lab) Dave Picton (Lab)
Well Hall Helen Gardener (Con) Helen Gardener (Con) Philip Dean (Con) Clive Efford (Lab) Clive Efford (Lab) Bill Freeman (Lab)
Kenneth Kear (Con) Alec Miles (Con) Clive Efford (Lab) Philip Dean (Con) Ray Walker (Lab) Ray Walker (Lab)
West William Strong (Lab) William Strong (Lab) William Strong (Lab) William Strong (Lab) William Strong (Lab) Maureen O'Mara (Lab)
William White (Lab) Ephron Williams (Lab) Ephron Williams (Lab) Sabiha Shahzad (Lab) Jagir Sekhon (Lab) Jagir Sekhon (Lab)
Woolwich Common Philip Graham (Lab) Karen Waters (Lab) Gurdip Dhillon (Lab) Gurdip Dhillon (Lab) Henry Pike (Lab) Gurdip Dhillon (Lab)
Ramanial Naik (Lab) William Jeavons (Lab) Nicholas Smith (Lab) Henry Pike (Lab) Gurdip Dhillon (Lab) Terry Hales (Lab)

By elections in 1998-2002 Council

Ward Date of by election Member elected
New Eltham 23 March 2000 John Hills (Con)
Trafalgar 4 May 2000 Mary Mills (Lab)
Burrage 7 June 2001 Harry Singh (Lab)

By elections in 1994-1998 Council

Ward Date of by election Member elected
Kidbrooke 6 February 1997 John Cove (Lab)
Thamesmead Moorings 16 October 1997 Peter Brooks (Lab)
Ward Members elected in 1964 Members elected in 1968 Members elected in 1971 Members elected in 1974
Abbey Wood Nick Burbage (Lab) Nick Burbage (Lab) John Cartwright (Lab) John Cartwright (Lab)
George Offord (Lab) John Cartwright (Lab) George Offord (Lab) George Offord (Lab)
David Ramsey (Lab) George Offord (Lab) David Ramsey (Lab) Arthur Capelin (Lab)
Academy Graham Dean (Lab) Maurice Pollard (Con) Vivienne Good (Lab) Catherine Jeffrey (Lab)
Catherine Jeffrey (Lab) Olive Wood (Con) Rees Vaughan (Lab) Rees Vaughan (Lab)
Blackheath Ian Davison (Con) Geoffrey Stow (Con) Alexander Middleton (Lab) Darrell Spurgeon (Lab)
Donald Thurley (Con) Donald Thurley (Con) Geoffrey Stow (Con) James Coughlan (Lab)
Charlton Walter Clarke (Con) Margaret Mendez (Con) Elizabeth Costello (Lab) Roy Preston (Lab)
Thomas Smith (Lab) Frederick Mills (Con) Henry Read (Lab) Nigel Edgerton (Lab)
Coldharbour William Brooks (Lab) Minnie Cole (Con) Eugene Keating (Lab) Eugene Keating (Lab)
Dereck Dean (Lab) Evelyn King (Con) Ramon Martin (Lab) Ramon Martin (Lab)
Eastcombe Kathleen Bullard (Lab) Silvio Bertram (Con) Donald Swan (Lab) David Cooper (Lab)
John Saunders (Lab) John Lewis (Con) David Warrell (Lab) Donald Swan (Lab)
Eltham Sheila Bradley (Con) Hector McDonald (Con) Hector McDonald (Con) Wendy Mitchell (Con)
Frank Newland (Con) Frank Newland (Con) Frank Newland (Con) A Rooth (Con)
Eynsham Leonard Heath (Lab) Dereck Dean (Lab) Dereck Dean (Lab) Dereck Dean (Lab)
Norman Sims (Lab) Norman Sims (Lab) John Winter (Lab) Frederick Styles (Lab)
Hornfair Roland Moyle (Lab) Kenneth Johnson (Con) John Austin-Walker (Lab) John Austin-Walker (Lab)
Robert Score (Lab) Arthur Rolfe (Con) Nigel Edgerton (Lab) Jim Gillman (Lab)
Horn Park Mervyn Jeffrey (Lab) David Hubber (Con) Charles Parker (Lab) Charles Parker (Lab)
Nellie Woods (Lab) Dermot Poston (Con) John Shlackman (Lab) John Shlackman (Lab)
Kidbrooke Gwilym Jones (Lab) Gladys Barry (Con) Margrett Bell (Lab) Henry Read (Lab)
Henry Read (Lab) Anthony de Silva (Con) Ian Smith (Lab) Gwendolene Wheatley (Lab)
Darrell Spurgeon (Lab) Kenneth Valpy (Con) Gwendolene Wheatley (Lab) Ian Smith (Lab)
Marsh Jessie Chrisp (Lab) Stewart Atkins (Con) Frank Burton (Lab) Frank Burton (Lab)
Ada Kennedy (Lab) Tom Smith (Lab) Richard Ille-Smith (Lab) Richard Ille-Smith (Lab)
Middle Park Thomas Blann (Lab) Wendy Mitchell (Con) John Garrett (Lab) Hannah Stroud (Lab)
Hannah Stroud (Lab) Michael Pattenden (Con) Hannah Stroud (Lab) Margaret Dean (Lab)
New Eltham Roger Fyson (Con) Paul Batterbury (Con) Patrick Devine (Lab) R J English (Con)
Winifred Hulbert (Con) Winifred Hulbert (Con) Catherine Jeffrey (Lab) David Hubber (Con)
Leslie Smith (Con) Leslie Smith (Con) Roger Simmons (Lab) Dermot Poston (Con)
Park Henry Coutts (Lab) Dennis Mills (Con) Edward Razzell (Lab) Frank Smith (Lab)
Harry Icough (Lab) Kathleen Ross (Con) Judith Rees (Lab) Margaret Bourne (Lab)
St George’s Peggy Middleton (Lab) Arthur Capelin (Lab) Arthur Capelin (Lab) Margrett Bell (Lab)
Mabel Polley (Lab) Janet Rigby (Lab) Frederick Styles (Lab) Joseph Stanyer (Lab)
St Margaret’s James Dey (Lab) Jack Helm (Con) Alfred Bassett (Lab) Azile Everitt (Lab)
Azile Everitt (Lab) Neil Hughes-Narborough (Con) Ann Campbell (Lab) Alfred Bassett (Lab)
James Hamilton (Lab) Eileen Sharp (Con) Derek Penfold (Lab) Shirley Silverman (Lab)
St Mary’s William Flood (Lab) Edward Chapman (Lab) Edward Chapman (Lab) Norman Sims (Lab)
Ian Smith (Lab) Harry Tatman (Lab) Norman Sims (Lab) Elizabeth Costello (Lab)
Edward Williams (Lab) Edward Williams (Lab) James Spencer (Lab) Derek Penfold (Lab)
St Nicholas Marie Kingwell (Lab) Marie Kingwell (Lab) David Coates (Lab) Richard Neve (Lab)
Richard Neve (Lab) Richard Neve (Lab) Marie Kingwell (Lab) David Coates (Lab)
Hubert Reilly (Lab) Hubert Reilly (Lab) Richard Neve (Lab) Marie Kingwell (Lab)
Sherard Tom Coombs (Lab) Tom Coombs (Lab) Tom Coombs (Lab) Tom Coombs (Lab)
Terry Malone (Lab) Terry Malone (Lab) Jeff Jeffrey (Lab) Jeff Jeffrey (Lab)
Shooters Hill Charlie Miles (Con) Charlie Miles (Con) Charlie Miles (Con) Albert Selves (Con)
Albert Selves (Con) Albert Selves (Con) Albert Selves (Con) Sidney Wayment (Con)
Slade Joyce Carroll (Lab) Percy Conie (Con) Thomas Little (Lab) Sidney Kingwell (Lab)
Daisy Munns (Lab) George Gibbs (Con) Edward McCarthy (Lab) Benjamin Mansell (Lab)
Trafalgar Charlie Scales (Lab) Charlie Scales (Lab) Charlie Scales (Lab) Len Squirrell (Lab)
Len Squirrell (Lab) Len Squirrell (Lab) Len Squirrell (Lab) Charlie Scales (Lab)
Vanbrugh Jim Manners (Con) Jim Manners (Con) Kathleen Brooks (Lab) James Spencer (Lab)
Elsie Pennington (Con) Sidney Wayment (Con) Michael O’Toole (Lab) Dennis Mills (Con)
Well Hall Ernest Bell (Lab) Jean Avery (Con) Ernest Bell (Lab) Ernest Bell (Lab)
Maisie Bradley (Lab) David Liddle (Con) Paul Sudds (Lab) Mrs G A Bonner (Lab)
West William Darvill (Lab) William Darvill (Lab) Margaret Dean (Lab) Kathleen Brooks (Lab)
William Strong (Lab) William Strong (Lab) William Strong (Lab) William Strong (Lab)
Woolwich Evelyn Mansell (Lab) Evelyn Mansell (Lab) Philip Mornington (Lab) J Costello (Lab)
Philip Mornington (Lab) Philip Mornington (Lab) Joseph Stanyer (Lab) Philip Mornington (Lab)

Westminster Parliament[edit]

The borough contains the constituencies of:

As of the 2010 General Election, all three are represented by Labour MPs.