Pollyanna Grows Up

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Pollyanna Grows Up
1921 edition
Author Eleanor H. Porter
Illustrator H. Weston Taylor
Country United States
Language English
Series The Glad Books
Genre Romance
Publisher The Page Company, Boston
Publication date
March 27, 1915
Media type Print
Pages 308
Preceded by Pollyanna
Followed by Pollyanna of the Orange Blossoms

Pollyanna Grows Up is a 1915 children's novel by Eleanor H. Porter. It is the first of many sequels to Porter's best-selling Pollyanna (1913), but is the only one written by Porter herself; the numerous later additions to the Pollyanna franchise were the work of other authors.

Plot introduction[edit]

Pollyanna, now cured of her crippling spinal injury, spends her time teaching the "glad game" to new town, and a very bitter woman, Mrs. Carew. Along the way she makes new friends, such as Sadie and Jamie: Jamie is a delicate literary genius whose withered legs compel him to rely on a wheelchair and crutches. Six years later, Pollyanna and her aunt fall upon hard times. Following the death of Dr. Chilton, as a means of making money, Pollyanna and her aunt are forced to take in the friends Pollyanna made six years earlier as boarders. However, there are many skeletons lurking in people's closets, causing numerous misunderstandings and many revelations, including how old childhood friend Jimmy 'Bean' Pendleton ended up alone.


Pollyanna: "I'm glad, glad, GLAD for--everything now!"

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