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DYKs in rotation[edit]

The lift bridge in Fairport, New York

A depiction of the Catskill Mountain House in 1856

Officers of the New York City Police Department.

Al Smith, 42nd Governor of New York

Did you know?

An artists depiction of the battle
  • ...that contrary to some beliefs, the Battle of Plattsburgh was decided by the naval engagement and not other means?
  • ...that Hawker v. New York is a law preventing convicted felons from practicing medicine, even when the felony conviction occurred before the law was enacted, as decided by the Supreme Court of the United States?
  • ...that Representatives of the Albany Congress met on a daily basis between June 19 and July 11 to discuss better relations with the Indian tribes and common defensive measures against the French?

Lake Placid, the New York village where the 1932 Olympics were held

Tower number 16, preserved in Irvington
  • ...that the Yonkers Chiefs, a former Basketball team based in Yonkers only played once during the 1946/47 season?
  • ...that the Croton Aqueduct was used as a water supply by several residents of Manhattan due to the lack of fresh water available on the island at the time?
  • ...that despite intentions to open the Crouse College, Syracuse University as a women-only college, his son opened it as open to both genders after his father, John Crouse died during its construction?

Coney Island, as seen in the middle left of the image