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Presbyterian Church in Singapore
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The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (Abbreviation: PCS; Chinese: 新加坡长老大会) is a Presbyterian Reformed church. The current moderator is the Rt Rev Teo Yew Tiong.

The denomination motto is "Nec tamen consumebatur" which means "Yet it was not consumed".[1]


In 1965, Singapore became independent from Malaysia. The Presbyterian Church in Singapore held its first Synod in January 1975. Two language presbyteries, English and Chinese, were formed. The church also runs several schools.[2]

Founding and development[edit]

The church's origin can be traced back to the London Missionary Society. In 1829, the Rev Benjamin Keasberry came to Malaysia and Singapore, and started Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church. In 1856, Scottish residents established Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, and in 1881 the English Presbyterian Missionary Society under the leadership of John Cook, established a Chinese church called Glory Presbyterian Church.

Three other churches were organised in 1883: Prinsep Street Life Church, Tanjong Pagar Church and Upper Serangoon Road Bethel Church. In 1903, the Upper Serangoon Road Bethel Church was combined with Tekka Church (now Life Bible-Presbyterian Church) and Bukit Timah Church (now Glory Presbyterian Church) as Siah Tek Church with the Rev Lin Xi appointed as the pastor.[3] In 1999, the name of the church was changed from The Chinese Christian Church Bethel Congregation to Bethel Presbyterian Church.[4]

In 1901, the Synod of the Presbyterian Church was formed. The name was changed to Presbyterian Church in Singapore and Malaysia in 1968. In 1975 the Synod decided to operate in two denomination from this date.[5]

Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, one of the older Presbyterian churches in Singapore


The Presbyterian Church in Singapore adheres to the Apostles Creed and Westminster Confession of Faith. It believes in the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. The Church believes that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. All powers and functions of the Church are subject to Christ's authority.[6]


The Presbyterian Church in Singapore has 12,000 members in 42 congregations and a few house fellowships.[2] It has one Synod and two Presbyteries, the English Presbytery and the Chinese Presbytery.[7]

Interchurch relations[edit]

The church is a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches[8] and the Council for World Missions.[9] Sister church relations with the Presbyterian Church (USA), Church of Scotland, and the Presbyterian churches in Australia, New Zealand were established.


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