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Present is a time that is neither future nor past, happening now

Present or The Present or Presents may also refer to:

  • Gift, something given free of charge, gratis

Time and timing[edit]

Film and television[edit]

Print media[edit]


  • The Present, a New York based duo featuring Mina Ohashi, who previously performed under the name Fayray
  • Present (band), a Belgian progressive rock group



  • "Present", an English-language version of the 2011 Eurovision contest entry "Jestem" Magdalena Tul's
  • "Present", a 2021 song by American singer Khalid
  • "Presents", instrumental by Tom Waits from One from the Heart

Other uses[edit]

  • Present (Aitken) a sculpture in Washington, D.C, by Robert Ingersoll Aitken
  • PRESENT (cipher), an ultra-lightweight block cipher algorithm
  • The Present, a 2015 stage adaptation of Anton Chekhov's play Platonov, brought to Broadway in 2016

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