Presents (10 Foot Ganja Plant album)

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10FGP Presents.jpg
Studio album by 10 Foot Ganja Plant
Released June 5, 2007
Genre Dub, Reggae
Label ROIR

This is a re-release of the first studio album by 10 Foot Ganja Plant. Released on the ROIR record label. The release features two bonus tracks.

Track Listing[edit]

  1. Chalwa
  2. Rebel In The Hills
  3. Blues Dance
  4. Good Time Girl
  5. Sunny Foundation
  6. Why Can’t They Tell Us The Good News?
  7. Jah Teach I A Lesson
  8. Off Road Version
  9. Jah Will Go On
  10. Walkey Walk Tall
  11. Top Down (Bonus)
  12. Politricking Man (Bonus)