Private Helga Geerhart

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Helga Geerhart
'Allo 'Allo! character
Stockholmsmässan 2011 bild 14.jpg
First appearance Pilot: The British Are Coming
Last appearance A Winkle in Time
Portrayed by Kim Hartman
Occupation Army Private (later promoted to Lance-Corporal then demoted)
Nationality Nazi Germany German

Private Helga Geerhart is a fictional character in the BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo!, which ran from 1982 to 1992. She was played by the actress Kim Hartman.

She is the secretary of Colonel Kurt von Strohm. She works for Captain Hans Geering and Lieutenant Gruber too, but is also very loyal to Herr Flick. She actually works as a double agent for him and is his love interest. Helga is tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and therefore a perfect example of the Nazi Aryan race. Often during special operations she is required to disguise herself. Her signature move is her way of shouting the name of anyone who is about to enter von Strohm's study. She is often found attractive by other characters, especially by Herr Flick, who wants to marry her, but she is also very popular with General von Klinkerhoffen. She is not afraid of taking her clothes off, always revealing various fashionable undergarments. Swiftly and with Style concerns her silk knickers which have been stolen to repair the airmen's hot-air balloon – "Not ze vones viz ze little swastikas around ze edge?", inquires Herr Flick.

In All in Disgeese, Gruber disguises himself as a woman and it is mentioned that he took Helga's clothes and that she also has a spare wig, implying that she always carries one.

She often becomes embroiled in Herr Flick's plans that usually go pear-shaped. In The Gâteau from the Château she plans to shoot a poisonous dart but General von Klinkerhoffen borrows the blowpipe which is disguised as a cigarette holder and ends up shooting Herr Flick instead. Luckily the antidote was applied in time.

In Wedding Bloss, Geerhart has to seduce René, and it is revealed that she has three swastikas tattooed on her front. In another episode she mentions that her mother was a poor Bavarian strudel-chopper.

In the last episode it is revealed that after the events of the series she married Gruber and had several children with him.