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This is a list of professional wrestling promotions in Great Britain and Ireland, including England, Scotland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man) and lists both active and notable defunct professional wrestling promotions from the 1950s to the present day.

Professional Wrestling promotions in England[edit]

Promotion name Location Promoter(s) Years active Website Notes
3 Count Wrestling (3CW) Middlesbrough Mike Groom 2004- Yes
4 Front Wrestling (4FW) Wiltshire David Sharp 2004- Yes [1][2]
5 Star Wrestling Sheffield & Liverpool Daniel Hinkles 2015- Yes Have recently broadcast their promotion on Spike UK under the brand Dominant Wrestling.
Absolute Wrestling North Tyneside Daniel Lycett

Drew Shardlow

2015- Yes
AMP Wrestling Coventry James Meikle

Corey Vandal

2008- Yes Sister promotion of Triple X Wrestling[3]
All Action Wrestling (AAW) North Shields Tony Spitfire 2007- Yes [4]
All-Star Wrestling Liverpool Brian Dixon 1970- Yes The oldest active and longest-running UK wrestling promotion.[1][5][6]
Alternative Wrestling World (AWW) Birmingham Kevin O'Neil 2003- Yes Originally known as Anti-Watershed Wrestling from 2003 to 2008.[7]
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Cardiff, Bristol, Cheltenham Chris Brookes & Mark Andrews 2011 Yes Founded by Pete Dunne & Jim Lee in Birmingham in 2011, and has since been run by a regularly changing collective of British wrestlers (currently Chris Brookes & Mark Andrews). Have previously run shows in Birmingham, Bristol, Cheltenham Spa, Dudley, Wolverhampton & Middlewich.
Bellatrix Female Warriors Norfolk


Saraya Knight 2006–2009


Yes Female-only wrestling promotion originally known as World Association of Women's Wrestling up until 1 January 2013.
Best Of British Wrestling All over the British Isles Stuart Lake

Steve Morocco

1996- Yes [8]
British Extreme Championship Wrestling (BECW) Croydon Ben & Nicole Lawrence 2003- Yes
British Empire Wrestling (BEW) London Declan Kellett

Tim Birkett

2014- Yes
British Real Attitude Wrestling League Northamptonshire Chris Peacock

Jeremy Brown

2000- Yes [1]
British Wrestling Alliance (BWA) Stoke-on-Trent Chris Matthews 2006- No [1][9]
British Wrestling Evolution Essex Dan Shoesmith 2009-2011, 2015- Yes Closed doors in 2011, revived in 2015
British Wrestling Revolution Grimsby Unknown 2017- No
British Wrestling Federation Southampton David Matthews 2012- Yes
Combat Sports Federation (CSF) Avon Stu Natt 1998- Yes [1][10]
Cornish Pro Wrestling (CPW) Cornwall Terry and Alice Speller 2015- Yes
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling (CRW) Newcastle upon Tyne Ken Clarke 2009- Yes
Coventry Pro Wrestling (CPW) Coventry Mr Richards 2013- No
Defiant Wrestling Newcastle upon Tyne WhatCulture Ltd. 2016 - Yes Originally ran as WhatCultureProWrestling from 2016 to 2017, officially rebranded as Defiant Wrestling as of 2017
Devon Wrestling Association (DWA) Devon UK Dominator

PJ Jones


2009-2013 2016-

No Originally run by Joel Redman before leaving the UK for NXT[11]
Dropkixx University of Wrestling Essex


Lucas Jackson 2004- Yes Originally run by Frank Rimer and Tony Scarlo then by Jon Richie
Dynamic Championship Wrestling:South West (DCW) Crediton Chris Andrews 2012-14 No
Dynamic Over-The-Top Action (DOA) East Anglia Alec Burnitt 2013- Yes
Eastern Championship Wrestling Blackpool Shak Khan 1998- Yes
Elite British Wrestling Sheffield Andrew Hogg, Mark Sanderson 2012 - Yes
Empress Pro High Wycombe Ben Ward 2014 - Yes
Entertainment Wrestling Association (EWA) High Wycombe Carl Snook, Mark Thornton and Dominic Vincent Smith 2008 - Yes
EPW European Pro Wrestling Middlesbrough Chris Diamond 2001 Yes
Fight Club: PRO Wolverhampton Trent Seven & Martin Zaki 2009- Yes
Fight Factory Wrestling (FFW) Lincoln Hayden "Dutch" Loeve 2013- yes
Fight League Pro Wrestling (FLP) South West Darren Ferguson & Glen Ferguson 2017- yes
Future Championship Wrestling (FCW) Midlands Joel Allen

Leemark Massey

2003- Yes [1][12]
Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) Surrey Steve Evans

Lee Elmer Matt Burden

2010- Yes
FutureShock Wrestling Greater Manchester Dave Rayne 2004- Yes [13]
Grand Pro Wrestling (GPW) Greater Manchester Johnnie Brannigan 2003- Yes [1][14]
Great Bear Promotions Cheshire Gerard Hall 2012- Yes [15]
Herts And Essex Wrestling (HEW) Bishops Stortford Sam Knee 2005- Yes [16]
House of Pain Wrestling Nottingham Paul "Stixx" Grint 2006- Yes [17]
House of Pain:Evolution Wrestling (HOPE) Milton Keynes/Derby Harvey Dale 2013- Yes [18]
HXC Wrestling Manchester Mike Hough 2013- Yes [19]
Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) Newcastle Martin McGurk

Steven Winnie

2000- Yes [1][20]
Infinite Promotions Liverpool Ciarán McConnell

Zack Gibson

2012- Yes [1][21]
Ironfist Wrestling Worcestershire


Jake Gittens 2011- No
International Championship Wrestling UK Lancashire Kevin Iddon 1999- Yes
Kamikaze Pro Birmingham 2013- Yes
Leicester Championship Wrestling (LCW) Leicester John Shipley 2011- Yes
LDN Wrestling North London Sanjay Bagga 2004- Yes [1][22]
Live Wrestling Entertainment (LWE) Essex Phil Powers 2006- No [23][24]
Lucha Britannia London Garry Vanderhorne 2006- Yes
Main Event Wrestling (MEW) Newcastle Upon Tyne Daniel Fitch

Micheal Brown

2005- No
Maximum Pro Wrestling (MPW) Gateshead 2001- No
New Force Wrestling (NFW) West London 2016 No
New Generation Wrestling (NGW) Hull Richard Dunn 2008- Yes [25]
North East Wrestling Society County Durham Paul Fahey 2010– Yes
PFP Promotions Lincoln, Lincolnshire Phil Fogg 2008- No
Phoenix Pro Wrestling West Bromwich Chris Liston 2011- Yes
South East Professional Wrestling Kent Matthew Huntley 2013- Yes
Plymouth Wrestling Association (PWA) Plymouth Luke Parnell 2009-2017 (On Hiatus) Yes
Premier Promotions Sussex John Freemantle 1987- Yes [1][26]
Preston City Wrestling (PCW) Preston Steve Fludder 2011- Yes
PROGRESS Wrestling London Jim Smallman, Jon Briley & Glen Joseph 2012- Yes
Pro Evolution Wrestling (Pro EVW) Gloucestershire


Lee Hall 2006- Yes
Pro Wrestling Chaos Bristol David Youell, Rob Clark & Nick Woolcock 2013- Yes [27]
Pro-Wrestling: EVE All over Great Britain Dann Read 2010- Yes Female-only wrestling promotion.[28]
Pro Wrestling Kingdom (PWK) Birmingham and

the West Midlands

Ryan Smile 2013- No Pro Wrestling Kingdom aim to showcase nothing but the upper echelon of talent from right here in the UK.
Pro Wrestling Live (PWL) West Midlands Matt Powell (Mad Dog Maxx) 2007- No
Pro Wrestling Pride South West Darren Saviour 2012-(Currently On Hiatus) Yes [29]
Pro Wrestling 4U (PW4U) Stoke-On-Trent Phil Woodvine 2011- Yes
RAD:PRO South Shields Georgie Leggett 2010- Yes [1][30]
Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance Essex William Ospreay 2012- No
Real Quality Wrestling (RQW) London Len Davies 2005- Yes [1][31]
International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom Kent Daniel Edler 2004- Yes [1][32]
Revolution Pro Wrestling London & Hampshire Andy Quildan 2012- Yes
Riot House Promotions Gloucester Unknown 2016- No
Shooting Star Wrestling (SSW) Rotherham Jon Von Diesel 2008- Yes [33]
Shropshire Wrestling Alliance (SWA) Telford, Shropshire Simon Brown 2012- Yes Merged with VII Pro Wrestling in September 2015 until VII Closed at the end of 2016, With SWA remaining active.
Southside Wrestling Entertainment Cambridgeshire Ben Auld 2010- Yes
Superstars Of Wrestling Cheltenham Matt Jarrett 2007- Yes [34]
Target Wrestling Carlisle, Cumbria The Nattrass Brothers 2013- Yes
TETSUJIN : Hybrid Wrestling Liverpool, Merseyside Gareth Leather, Craig Hall. 2015- Yes First UK Promotion to promote all 'Shoot Style' rules show.
This Is Wrestling Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Unknown 2008–2009


No [35]
Thunderslam Wrestling Harlow Charlie Rage 2006- Yes Originally known as Playhouse Wrestlefest from 2006 to 2008.[36]
Total Action Wrestling (TAW) Milton Keynes Samson 2010-2015 Yes Originally known as Anglian Championship Wrestling from 2003 to 2009.
Triple X Wrestling (TXW) Coventry Quentin Hyde-Styles

Corey Vandal

2006- Yes [37]
Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW) Wiltshire Gareth Humphries 2003- Yes [1]
Ultimate Wrestling Alliance (UWA) Essex Paul Tyrell

Jonny Storm

1998– No
UKPW Wrestling (UKPW) Gillingham


Anton Green 2010- [1]
Varsity Pro Wrestling (VPW) Hampshire Thomas "UK Kid" Jones 2005- Yes [1][38]
White Tiger Wrestling (WTW) Middlesbrough Dreamland Theatre Ltd 2017- Present Yes (Facebook Page) Raises money for local charities through its events.
The Wrestling League Essex

Harwich Colchester

Mark Young 2014- Yes The Wrestling League is based out of East Anglia. They focus on British talent mainly but on occasion use imported stars which have included Sting.
Wrestling Association of Rugby Rugby Andrew Platt

Stuart Platt

2001- Yes [1]
World Association of Wrestling (WAW) East Anglia Ricky Knight 1993- Yes [1][39]
World War Wrestling (WWW) South East Brett Meadows 2014- Yes
Alpha Omega Wrestling Morecambe Kieran Engelke 2015- Yes
Notable Defunct Promotions
1 Pro Wrestling Doncaster Danny Rodd 2005-2011 No [1][40][41]
British Wrestling Federation London Paul Lincoln 1958–1966 No Continued to back Bert Assirati as rightful British Heavyweight Champion after he was stripped of the title by Joint Promotions. Later switched recognition to Shirley Crabtree
Chapman Promotions Ware John Chapman 2005–2006 No
Dynamic Pro Wrestling Morley Ricc Dombrowski 2008-2011 No [42]
Euro Pro American Wrestling Wolverhampton Julio Torres 2006 No [43]
Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) Essex


Alex Shane

Tony Simpson



Yes Originally known as the Fratton Wrestling Association from 1993 to 1999. Closed in March 2007, but resumed operations in 2009.[1][44][45][46]
Headlock Championship Wrestling All over Great Britain John Stallard 1998–2005 No [47]
Joint Promotions

/ Ring Wrestling Stars

London cartel led by the Dale family and Les Martin (1952-late 1960s)

The Hurst Syndicate (late 1960s)
Jarvis Astaire
William Hill plc (subsidiary 1970s-1986)
Max Crabtree (1986-1995)

1952–1995 No [5][48]
Legend Wrestling League Wolverhampton Matthew Stark 2005–2008 No [49]
Limited Edition Promotions Wrestling (LEP) South West England Danny Walsh 2013- Yes
Midlands Professional Wrestling Coventry Majik

"Psycho" Steve Edwards

2002–2006 No [1][50]
New Era Wrestling County Durham Martin Bean 2007–2008 No [1][51]
Northern Wrestling League Greater Manchester Brad Flash 2007–2008 No [52]
NWA UK Hammerlock Kent Tony McMillain 1993-2014 No
NPWA Greater Manchester Darren Poole 2001-2007 No
Original Pro Wrestling Organisation Blackpool Kriss Sprules


2005–2006 No [1][53]
Pro Wrestling 101 Doncaster Stephen Gauntley 2009–2010 No [54]
Revolution British Wrestling London Ron Sands 2002–2007 No Originally known as WrestlingUK.[1][55]
Sovereign World Wrestling Alliance Midlands "Crush" Mellor 1994–2009 No Originally known as Sovereign Championship Wrestling from 1994 to 2009. One of the longest running wrestling promotions in the United Kingdom.[1]
Summit Wrestling Norfolk Nick Aldis 2006–2008 No [56]
The Wrestling Alliance All over England Scott Conway 1989–2003 Yes [57]
Triple Team Promotions Cumbria The Nattrass Brothers 2006–2008 No [58]
United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance Liverpool Andrew Huntington 2003–2004 No Affiliated with Revolution British Wrestling.[1]
VII Pro Wrestling Telford


Deryn O'Sullivan 2015-2016 Yes Merged with SWA in September 2015 until Closing at the end of 2016 (SWA Still Active)
X-Sports:Wrestling Gloucester Dann Read 2006–2008 No [59]

Professional Wrestling Promotions in Ireland (NI & ROI)[edit]

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Pro Wrestling Ulster Belfast Andi Thompson 2007- Yes
Irish Whip Wrestling Cork Ray Rooney 2002 Yes
Fight Factory Pro Wrestling Wicklow Phil Boyd 2004- Yes
Over The Top Wrestling Dublin 2014- Yes [60]
Ulster Championship Wrestling Belfast Unknown 2003–2007 No [61]

Professional Wrestling Promotions in Scotland[edit]

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
British Championship Wrestling East Kilbride Graham McKay 2003- Yes [62][63]
Discovery Wrestling Edinburgh Alex Fowlis and Alan Smith 2014- No
Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum Glasgow GPWA trainers 2015- Yes [64]
Insane Championship Wrestling Glasgow Mark Dallas 2006- Yes
North-East Wrestling Alliance Arbroath Shaun Harkin 2006- Yes [65][63]
Premier British Wrestling Glasgow Kid Fite 2006- Yes [66]
Pride Wrestling Glasgow Scottish Wrestling Alliance 2012- 2015 Yes [67]
Pro Wrestling Elite Ayr Lionheart 2011- Yes [68]
Reckless Intent Wrestling Livingston, West Lothian Michael Chase and Jam O'Malley 2013- Yes [69]
Scottish Championship Wrestling Haddington,East Lothian Liam Stewart and Luke Paget 2016- Yes
Scottish School of Wrestling West Lothian Murray Stevenson 2002- Yes [70]
Scottish Wrestling Alliance Scotland Scott Cassidy March 2004- Yes [71]
Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Dundee David Low and Charles Riddell 2003- Yes [72]
WILD Promotions Scotland Carl Conroy 1999- Yes Formed in mid-1999 by Carl Conroy, Darren Levy & Allan Blackstock. Debut event was 17 October 1999 at Northfield YMCA in Birmingham. WILD have since run several hundred events across the UK. WILD have enjoyed close working relationships with both CSF (Wiltshire) and W3L (Fife) in the past, often booking concurrent dates and sharing visiting talent from elsewhere in the country.[73][63]
WrestleZone Aberdeen 2008- Yes WrestleZone is largely based in Aberdeen but runs shows all year round throughout the North East of Scotland as well as running their own training school.[74]

Professional Wrestling Promotions in Wales[edit]

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Cardiff Pete England/Dunne 2011- Yes [75]
Basix Wrestling Deeside Mike Roberts 2007- Yes
Britannia Wrestling Promotions North Wales Steve Saxon 2008- Yes [76]
Celtic Wrestling Cardiff Anthony Thomas 2005- Yes

Dragon Pro Wrestling Newport Benjamin Harris 2008- No [78]
Exposure Wrestling Entertainment Newport & Cardiff Nigel Fleming 2015- Yes [79]
Royal Imperial Wrestling Port Talbot PJ Schultz

Johnny Harris

2011- No
South Wales Championship Wrestling Rhymney Chris Roberts 2006- Yes [80]
Vertigo Pro Wrestling Cardiff Dale Hawkins 2015- No [81]
Welsh Wrestling Wales Alan Ravenhill 2005- Yes [82]
National Wrestling Alliance Wales Wales Edd Ferris 2006–2007 No Affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance and NWA UK Hammerlock.[83]
Orig Williams Promotions/Orig Williams British Wrestling Federation Rhyl Orig Williams 1965-2009 No Orig Williams continued to promote WWF tribute shows and occasional traditional British shows until his death in 2009.[84]

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