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Progress may refer to:


  • Progress (history), the idea that the world can become increasingly better in terms of science, technology, modernization, liberty, democracy, quality of life, etc.
    • Social progress, the idea that societies can or do improve in terms of their social, political, and economic structures.
    • Scientific progress, the idea that science increases its problem solving ability through the application of some scientific method.
    • Philosophical progress, the idea that philosophy has solved or at least can solve some of the questions it studies.
  • Idea of Progress, the theory that scientific progress drives social progress; that advances in technology, science, and social organization inevitably produce an improvement in the human condition.
  • Progress trap, the condition societies find themselves in when human ingenuity, in pursuing progress, inadvertently introduces problems that it does not have the resources to solve, preventing further progress or inciting social collapse.



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  • Evolutionary progress, the idea that there is a largest-scale trend in evolution of organisms and that the trend is toward improvement or adaptation to changing environmental conditions


  • Progress D-27, propfan engine that the U.S.S.R company developed in the 1980s for commercial and military transport aircraft
  • Progress (spacecraft), Russian expendable unmanned freighter spacecraft
  • Progress (train), which ran between Prague, Czechoslovakia, and the German Democratic Republic