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Series Three of Project Catwalk began January 9, and features 13 contestants vying for the prizes, which include £25,000, a clothing range courtesy of Oli, and a full feature fashion spread in Grazia magazine. Kelly Osbourne returns as the show's host.

Elimination Chart
Designer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Task
Jasper HIGH WIN LOW IN HIGH WIN HIGH IN LOW WINNER 10 - London Fashion Week Finale
Ross WIN HIGH WIN LOW IN IN LOW LOW OUT 9 - Kelly Osbourne Dress Challenge
Katy IN LOW WIN IN LOW HIGH LOW WIN OUT 8 - Airline Challenge
Clinton IN LOW IN WIN LOW LOW OUT 7 - Show Stopper
Tom LOW HIGH IN LOW WIN OUT 6 - A Fashionable Cause
Fionnuala LOW HIGH IN IN OUT 5 - Fashion Future
Angie HIGH LOW LOW OUT 4 - Fireworks with Firetrap
Debbie IN LOW OUT 3 - Mac Daddy
Jules IN OUT 2 - Re-Designing Nancy
James OUT 1 - A Catfight on the Catwalk
     Green background and WINNER means the designer won the competition
     Brown background means they advanced to Fashion Week, but did not win.
     Blue background and WIN means the designer won that challenge.
     Red background and OUT means the designer lost and was out of the competition.
     Light blue background and HIGH means the designer had one of the highest scores for that challenge.
     Pink background and LOW means the designer had one of the lowest scores for that challenge.
     Orange background and LOW means the designer had the second lowest score for that challenge.

No contestants were eliminated in Episode 8: Flybe Cabin Crew Uniform Challenge.


  • Angie Morris-Winmill
  • Chelsey Oliver
  • Clinton Lotter
  • Debbie Debonair
  • Fionnuala Bourke
  • James Gardner
  • Jasper Garvida
  • Julie-Ann "Jules" Murray
  • Katy O'Grady
  • Keko Hainswheeler
  • Ross Hancock
  • Tom Lipop
  • Viv Whelan


  • Akos Asumadu-Sakyi
  • Ashley
  • Gemma
  • Jo Lawden
  • Kristina Lomax
  • Lezel
  • Lynda Murray
  • Rachel Ritfeld
  • Sammy Bennett
  • Sarah Butler
  • Tanita Baptiste
  • Xenia
  • Tash Wilson


Episode 1 - A Catfight on the Catwalk
The designers had to create an outfit that reflected their personalities. However, the only fabrics they had access to for the task would be garments from each others wardrobes.
Guest Judge: Zandra Rhodes
OUT: James
Episode 2 - Re-Designing Nancy
The designers had to create a dress for Nancy Dell'Olio to get her from the worst dressed list to the best dressed list. They have to work in teams of two. This week there would be a double elimination.
The Teams were:
  • Viv with Fionnuala
  • Katy with Angie
  • Clinton with Keko
  • Jules with Debbie
  • Jasper with Chelsey
  • Ross with Tom
Guest Judge: Nancy Dell'Olio
WINNER: Jasper and Chelsey
OUT: Jules and Keko.
Episode 3 - Mac Daddy
The designers had to re-invent the Macintosh. Half of the group design womenswear, the other half design menswear.
Guest Judge: Gary Bott
WINNER: Katy and Ross
OUT: Debbie
Episode 4 - Fireworks With Firetrap
The designers had to work in teams of three to create a capture collection for a Firetrap customer shopping for a music festival.
The Teams were:
  • Fionnuala with Jasper and Angie
  • Viv with Ross and Chelsey
  • Katy with Clinton and Tom
Guest Judge: Sophie Clinch
WINNER: Viv and Clinton
OUT: Angie
Episode 5 - Fashion Future
The designers use vintage clothing as material to create new trend setting looks.
Guest Judge: Henry Holland
OUT: Fionnuala
Episode 6 - A Fashionable Cause
The designers designed a shirt for the "Fashion Targets Breast Cancer" charity incorporating the charity's signature target logo (consisting of a variety of blue rings).
Guest Judge: Vanja Strok
WINNER: Jasper
OUT: Tom
Episode 7 - Show Stopper
The designers make a stage costume for a pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
Guest Judge: Sophie Ellis-Bextor
WINNER: Chelsey
OUT: Clinton
Episode 8 - Airline Challenge
The designers make an airline flight attendant uniform.
Guest Judge: Niall Duffy
OUT: None. The judges decided to keep the bottom two, Viv and Ross, and eliminate two designers in the next challenge.
Episode 9 - Kelly Osbourne Dress Challenge
The designers create an evening-gown for Kelly Osbourne.
Guest Judge : Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland
WINNER: Chelsey
OUT: Ross and Katy. This episode marks the last of the series in the traditional format. The three finalists: Chelsey, Viv and Jasper now must produce a collection to exhibit at London Fashion Week.
Of note, this episode was dedicated to the guest judge Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland, who committed suicide in December 2007 by jumping off Albert Bridge in London. She was the former stylist to Naomi Campbell.

In the final episode of the series, Viv, Chelsey and Japser showcased their twelve piece collections. Viv's was inspired by the British seaside town of Whitby, Chelsey's by Venice, and Jasper's by Salvador Dalí's surrealist castle.

Viv was placed third, Chelsey came a close second, but the winner was Jasper Garvida.

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