Provincial Court of Nova Scotia

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The Provincial Court of Nova Scotia is the provincially appointed court of criminal jurisdiction for the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. There are twenty-three Justices and one Chief Justice on the bench, who sit in one of 33 locations over the province.

The Justices are appointed by the province.


Current Judges[edit]

  • Chief Judge Pamela Williams
  • Judge Del Atwood
  • Judge Barbara Beach
  • Judge Flora Buchan
  • Judge Marc Chisholm
  • Judge William Digby
  • Judge Frank Hoskins
  • Judge Michael Sherar
  • Judge Theodore Tax
  • Judge Warren Zimmer
  • Judge Alanna Murphy
  • Judge Timothy Gabriel
  • Judge Timothy Landry
  • Judge Brian Gibson (Supernumerary)
  • Judge Castor Williams (Supernumerary)

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