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The Provincial Court of Nova Scotia is the provincially appointed court of criminal jurisdiction for the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. There are twenty-three Justices and one Chief Justice on the bench, who sit in one of 33 locations over the province.

The Justices are appointed by the province.


Current Judges[edit]

Position Name Location Date Appointed Appointed By
Chief Judge Pamela S. Williams HRM 2003 (Judge)
2013 (Chief)
PC (2003)
NDP (2013)
Associate Chief Judge Alan T. Tufts Kentville 1998 (Judge)
2013 (ACJ)
Liberal (1998)
NDP (2013)
Associate Chief Judge S. Raymond Morse Amherst 2011 NDP
Judge Del W. Atwood Pictou 2009 PC
Judge Barbara Beach Halifax
Judge Alain Bégin Sydney 2016 Liberal
Judge Cathy Benton Bridgewater 2017 Liberal
Judge Flora I. Buchan Dartmouth 1996 Liberal
Judge Elizabeth Buckle Amherst 2015 Liberal
Judge James H. Burrill Liverpool 2003 PC
Judge Marc C. Chisholm Halifax 2003 PC
Judge Michelle Christenson Yarmouth 2013 NDP
Judge Timothy Daley Pictou 2015 Liberal
Judge Anne S. Derrick Halifax 2005 PC
Judge Jean M. Dewolfe
Judge William Digby Halifax 1997 Liberal
Judge William Dyer
Judge Laurel J. Halfpenny-MacQuarrie Port Hawkesbury 2003 PC
Judge Frank P. Hoskins Dartmouth 2008 PC
Judge Timothy D. Landry Digby 2012 NDP
Judge Judge Gregory E. Lenehan Dartmouth 2010 NDP
Judge E. Ann Marie MacInnes Sydney 2015 Liberal
Judge Richard J. MacKinnon Antigonish 2009 PC
Judge Daniel A. MacRury Dartmouth 2014 Liberal
Judge Marci Lin Melvin Kentville 2008 PC
Judge Alanna Murphy Dartmouth 2002 PC
Judge Robert M. Prince
Judge A. Peter Ross
Judge Paul V. Scovil Bridgewater 2011 PC
Judge Michael B. Sherar Halifax 1990 PC
Judge Corrine Sparks Dartmouth 1987 PC
Judge Theodore K. Tax Dartmouth 2009 PC
Judge Jean M. Whalen Sydney 2009 NDP
Judge Brian D. WIlliston Sydney
Judge Warren Zimmer Truro 2011 NDP



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