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Developer(s)PukiWiki Development Team
Initial release15 July 2002; 21 years ago (2002-07-15)
Stable release
1.5.4[1] / 30 March 2022; 22 months ago (30 March 2022)
Written inPHP
Size~0.4 MB (compressed)
Available inEnglish and Japanese
TypeWiki software

PukiWiki is wiki software written in PHP, and is widely used by Japanese wikis.[2][3][4] It was forked from YukiWiki [ja], originally developed by Yuuki Hiroshi [ja]. Since version 1.4, PukiWiki Development Team became the developer of the software.


Originating from Japan, PuwiWiki offers better DBCS support than most wiki software. It also has a layout optimized for mobile use since many use their phones to browse wikis in Japan.[5]

PukiWiki can run on PHP 4, 5, 7 or 8. It supports interwiki links and extensions, similar to MediaWiki.[4][5]

PukiWiki is written such that it uses PHP with a series of text files, hence does not require a database to operate, and does not support databases natively. However, support could be added through extensions for MySQL, SQLite, Oracle Oci8 and PostgreSQL.

Derivative Versions[edit]

  • xpWiki - Developed by nao-pon and forked from PukiWiki version 1.4.7, and aims at integration with XOOPS.[6]
  • PukiWiki Mod - Also developed by nao-pon with the same goal, but forked from version 1.3.x instead.[7]
  • PukiWiki Plus! - Derivative version with enhanced localization features.[8]
    • PukiWiki Advance - Forked from PukiWiki Plus!.[9]
  • PyukiWiki - Derivative version written in Perl.[10]


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