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Quán is the Pinyin romanization of the Chinese family names / and . All written forms of the name are rare enough that they do not appear in the list of the 100 most common Chinese surnames.


Quan (traditional Chinese: ; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: Quán) is a Chinese surname. A notable with the surname Quan surname was Quan Deyu, who was born in 759 during the reign of Emperor Suzong. His family claimed to descend from the Later Qin official Quan Yi (權翼). His family tree was from the Sui Dynasty official Quan Rong (權榮).

During the Shang Dynasty, the Quan family founded the state of Quan (權國). In the state of Chu, the Xiong family lived in Quan Country (權縣), and took the surname Quan.


Quan (Chinese: ; pinyin: Quán), is a Chinese family name. Liang, Yang in alternative mandarin are other spellings. The character 全 is rendered as Jeon in Korean and is one of several Chinese characters for the common Korean surname Jeon (Chun). The name is spelled Chuan in Taiwan, based on the Wade–Giles romanization system. Quan Cong was a military general of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms, Quan Huijie (全惠解) the Empress Quan (全) was empress of Eastern Wu.

The Quan (全) family was founded with this public, official name. During ancient times, Quandi (全地) was the old Regional name, where people would get the surname Quan (全). Yuan Dynasty and Wan Quan (万全) are Nomadic people, who get the surname Quan (全) with their given name.


Quan is also a romanization of 拳 "fist", used to identify schools of Chinese martial arts (strictly, unarmed disciplines or "Chinese boxing") Quan fa (拳法) means "fist principles" or "the law of the fist" The names of the Japanese Kenpō and the Korean Gwonbeop are represented by the same characters.

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  • Quan, the fictional prince of Leonster, father of Leif and Altena, husband of Ethlyn, brother-in-law of Sigurd, and the playable character in Generation I from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu

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