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Robert Graham Cooks
Residence United States
Nationality United States
Fields Chemist
Institutions Purdue University
Alma mater University of Natal
Cambridge University
Doctoral advisor Frank L. Warren
Peter Sykes
Known for Mass Spectrometry

Robert Graham Cooks is the Henry Bohn Hass Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University. He is an ISI Highly Cited Chemist,[1] with over 950 publications and an H-index of 81.[2]

Early life and education[edit]

He received his BS from University of Natal, South Africa in 1961; his Ph.D. from University of Natal, South Africa in 1965; and his Ph.D. from Cambridge University, Great Britain in 1967.

Research interests[edit]

Research in Cooks' laboratory (the Aston Laboratory) has contributed to a diverse assortment of areas within mass spectrometry, ranging from fundamental research to instrument and method development to applications. Cooks' research interests over the course of his career have included the following (citations are representative): the study of gas-phase ion reactions (e.g., unimolecular reactions of activated radical ions,[3][4][5] metastable decay,[6][7] ion/molecule reactions,[8][9][10] and charge exchange reactions [11][12][13]); early developments in tandem mass spectrometry (e.g., complex mixture analysis[14][15][16][17] and instrumentation[18][19][20]); Mass-Analyzed Ion Kinetic Energy Spectroscopy (MIKES);[21][22] kinetic isotope effects;[23][24][25] the Kinetic Method for thermochemical determinations;[26][27][28] Angle-Resolved Mass Spectrometry;[29][30] Energy-Resolved Mass Spectrometry (ERMS);[31][32] chiral analysis;[33][34] ion activation/dissociation processes (collision-induced dissociation (CID),[35][36][37] surface-induced dissociation (SID),[38][39] and photodissociation (PD) [40]); desorption/ionization processes (e.g., secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS),[41][42][43] laser desorption ionization (LD),[44] and desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) [45][46]); preparative mass spectrometry (‘ion soft-landing’ and related phenomena);[47][48][49] ionization techniques (Matrix-Enhanced Laser Desorption,[50] DESI,[51][52] Atmospheric Pressure Thermal Desorption/Ionization (APTDI),[53] Low Temperature Plasma (LTP),[54] Paper Spray,[55][56] and Leaf Spray [57]); the development of quadrupole ion traps (QITs) and related technologies (e.g., ion injection into QITs,[58] broadband isolation/excitation,[59] resonance ejection,[60] high mass resolution,[61] ion cloud tomography,[62] the Cylindrical Ion Trap (CIT),[63] and the Rectilinear Ion Trap (RIT) [64]); trapped ion motion phenomena and simulations;[65][66][67] Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry (MIMS);[68] the origin of life (homochirality);[69][70] chemical imaging;[71][72][73] the development of portable mass spectrometers or miniature mass spectrometers [74] and related technologies.[75][76]

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