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Poster of Assamese film Raag the rhythm of love.jpg
Theatrical release poster of Raag
Directed byRajni Basumatary
Produced byASFFDC
Manna Films
Written byRajni Basumatary
Screenplay byRajni Basumatary
StarringAdil Hussain
Zerifa Wahid
Kenny Basumatary
Kopil Bora
Music byAvinash Baghel Lyricist = Rajdweep
CinematographyAjayan Vincent
Edited byRupam Kalita
Manna Films
Release date
  • 7 February 2014 (2014-02-07)

Raag (Assamese: ৰাগ, English: The Rhythm of Love) is a 2014 Assamese language drama film, starring Adil Hussain and Zerifa Wahid in the lead roles. The film was directed by Rajni Basumatary and produced by Assam State Film (Finance & Development) Corporation Limited in association with Manna Films. The film was initially released on 7 February 2014 in the state of Assam and later on 7 March 2014[1] in selected theaters across rest of India via PVR Director's Rare.


Raag is set in Delhi where Radhika (Zerifa Wahid), a Hindustani singer, lives with her businessman husband Alok (Kenny Basumatary). They first met during one of Radhika's musical performances in Guwahati several years ago. Despite their different philosophies of life they fall in love with each other and get married. Due to Alok’s career change, they later relocate to Delhi. Even after seven years of marriage Alok is still not ready to become a father. He starts to ignore Radhika as an individual and as an artiste. Her music that apparently made him fall in love with her has now become unappealing.

Radhika meets her neighbour Iqbal (Adil Hussain), a painter. Soon they become friends. Surajeet Sahay, whose terrace Iqbal has been using as his shelter and his studio for last ten years, wants Iqbal to vacate the place. The flat was actually Iqbal’s. He had to sell it to Sahay as Iqbal could not arrange money to send off his wife, Natalie (Natasha Mago), and daughter, Noor, to Prague. Iqbal had stayed back on the terrace of the flat, as he didn't want to stay away from the place that holds memories of his wife and daughter, Noor. Now Surajeet Sahay wants to sell off the flat and migrate to Canada. Radhika arranges an exhibition of Iqbal's painting to help him buy the house back. But she fails at that. Just then Partho (Kopil Bora), her childhood singer friend reappears in her life. He was secretly in love with Radhika but had let her go her way when he found out that she married Alok. With his great marketing and PR skills, Partho helps Radhika to organise another exhibition of Iqbal’s painting, which deservedly turns out to be a smashing hit. Iqbal gets his house back. Partho goes back to Guwahati.

Alok, on the other hand, made love without precautions and impregnates his colleague Nandini during one of their business trips outside Delhi. Radhika came to know about it. But they both (Alok and Nandini) claim that it was just an accident and that there is no emotional involvement from either side. It is a decisive moment for Radhika to choose amongst Alok, Iqbal and Partho. The script does not show the decision Radhika made and leaves it open for interpretations. Flashforwarding to five years, the film ends with Radhika and Partho singing jugalbandi on a performance stage and Iqbal and a four-year-old girl sitting among the audience and enjoying the jugalbandi.



Raag is the directorial debut of Rajni Basumatary, who has earlier written and produced critically acclaimed Assamese film Anurag. In an interview with The Times of India, Basumatary said that she likes to explore the complexity of human situations and that human emotions are universal, not matter where one is from.[1] The entire film has been shot in various locations in Delhi.[2] The music of the film was scored by Chhattisgarhi musician Avinash Baghel. The music is highly influenced by Hindustani classical music. The soundtrack of the film was released on 15 January 2014 and contains 5 songs.[3]


The film was first released on 7 February 2014 in the Indian state of Assam, a month ahead of all India release.[4] Later, Raag was released in selected theaters across rest of India on 7 March 2014 via PVR Director's Rare.[5]


Despite of performing quite well in box office, Raag was removed after only one week run in the theaters of Assam allegedly by the distributors of Yash Raj Films to make room for their big budget Hindi film Gunday.[6][7] This led to a controversy against Bollywood movies generally trying to suppress regional films.[8]


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