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Village and union l
Rahdari is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°57′00″N 71°47′00″E / 31.9500°N 71.7833°E / 31.9500; 71.7833Coordinates: 31°57′00″N 71°47′00″E / 31.9500°N 71.7833°E / 31.9500; 71.7833
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab Province
District Khushab District
Elevation 173 m (568 ft)
 • Total 40,000
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Rahdari is a village and one of the 51 union councils (administrative subdivisions) of Khushab District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.The Union Council is part of the Noorpur Thal. It is connected with the roads from Noorpur Thal to Quaidabad and from Noorpur Thal to Jandanwala. The people of Rahdari are very simple in living. Majority of inhabitants spending their lives below the poverty line. Rahdari is the part of the third largest desert in Pakistan. Most of the area is barren wasteland with scanty drought resistant trees, shrubs and grasses. The main activity in the region is cattle rearing. Mostly people are earning from their agricultural lands. People grow grams ,wheat and work hard to feed their children. Rahdari is the 12th biggest village in Noorpur Thal Tehsil after Chan. It has a key role in Thal's politics as well as in trade of wheat and grams. Majority of population is Muslim and speak Thalochi and Punjabi Language. Union Council Rahdari consists of Rahdari with a population of 7554 respectively Shah Wala 4473, Mehmood Shaheed 4066, Chak No. 51DB 4121, 52DB 1073, 53DB 909, and 54 DB 435. Total population of Union Council is 22,631. Major casts of the area are Rahdari (Panwar Rajputs) Jhamat, Baloch, Khokhar, Bamb, Ahir, Malana, Pahore, Gahi, Vini, Arian, Jatt, Parihar, Wadhal, Dhudi and many others.