Republican Force Tucumán

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The Republican Force Tucumán (Spanish: Fuerza Republicana Tucumán, FR) is a provincial conservative political party in Tucumán Province, Argentina.

The party was set up by Antonio Domingo Bussi, who was Tucumán's Governor during the early years of the National Reorganization Process.

As of 2009, Fuerza Republicana holds one of Tucumán's three senators, Carlos Salazar. The Party's second senator, Delia Pinchetti de Sierra Morales, resigned from Republican Force in May 2009 after being dropped as a candidate, and has since joined the Unión Pro Federal.[1][2] FR has been part of a coalition with a minor, free market-oriented party, Recreate for Growth (itself aligned to the Unión Pro).

Its leading politician, Ricardo Bussi, son of Antonio Bussi, was a senator until 2007 when he stood for Governor of Tucumán Province without success.