Front for the Renewal of Concord

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The Front for the Renewal of Concord (Spanish: Frente Renovador de la Concordia) is a provincial political party in Argentina, based in Misiones Province.

The Front was put together in 2003 by supporters of the province's governor, Carlos Rovira, to ensure his re-election. Bringing together Radical Civic Union and Justicialist Party members and smaller local parties including the Movement for a New Country and Progreso Social, the Front had the support of Peronist President Néstor Kirchner. The Front supported Kirchner in the 2003 election, and its representatives in Congress sit as part of the Kirchnerist Front for Victory block.

In the 2005 legislative elections, the party won two of the 127 elected deputies (out of 257) and two of the 24 elected senators (out of 72). As of 2007 its senators were Eduardo Torres and Elida Vigo. The Front's candidate for Governor of Misiones Province, Maurice Closs, was elected in 2007.