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This is a list of Richard Marx's collaborative work as a producer and songwriter for various artists.


Kenny Rogers - What About Me

  • What About Me (With Kim Carnes & James Ingram) (Co-Writer)
  • Somebody Took My Love (Co-Writer)
  • Crazy (Co-Writer)

Fee Waybill - Read My Lips

  • Who Loves You Baby (Co-Writer)

St. Elmo's Fire soundtrack

  • Vikki Moss - If I Turn You Away (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

David Foster - David Foster

  • The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)

Richard Carpenter - Time

  • Calling Your Name Again (Co-Writer)

Vixen - Vixen

  • Edge Of A Broken Heart (Co-Writer/Producer)

Tequila Sunrise soundtrack

Cliff Richard - Stronger

  • The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)

Sing soundtrack

Now That's What I Call Music 16 (U.K. series)

Steve Lukather - Lukather

  • Swear Your Love (Co-Writer)


John Farnham - Chain Reaction

  • Chains Around The Heart (Co-Writer)


Kiri Te Kanawa - Heart To Heart

  • The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)

Kiri Te Kanawa - The Kiri Selection

  • The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)


Freddie Jackson - Time For Love

  • Live My Life Without You (Co-Writer)

Now That's What I Call Music! 22 (U.K. series)

Now That's What I Call Music! 23 (U.K. series)

John Farnham - Then Again

  • The Reason Why (Co-Writer)
  • Treated This Way (Co-Writer)
  • Talent For Fame (Co-Writer)
  • So Long In Love (Co-Writer)

The Hollies - 30th Anniversary Collection

  • Nothing Else But Love (Co-Writer)

Lara Fabian - Carpe Diem

  • Je Vivrai (Co-Writer)
  • Au Loin La-Bas (Co-Writer)

Martin Nievera - Roads

  • Till The Day You Said Goodbye (Co-Writer)

Now That's What I Call Music! 27 (U.K. series)

Luther Vandross - This Is Christmas

  • Every Year, Every Christmas (Co-Writer)

Bruce Gaitsch - A Lyre In A Windstorm

  • Haunt Me Tonight (Co-Writer)

Amy Sky - Cool Rain

  • Til Tomorrow (Co-Writer/Producer)

The Tubes - Genius of America

  • How Can You Live With Yourself (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Big Brother's Still Watching (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Roch Voisine - Kissing Rain

  • Chaque Jour De Ta Vie (Duet with Richard Marx) (Writer/Producer)
  • All I Know/Docemont (Co-Writer)

For Our Children, Too compilation

One Voice: The Songs Of Chage & Aska

The Mirror Has Two Faces soundtrack

Bruce Gaitsch - Asphasia

  • If I Could Only - (Co-Writer)

Fee Waybill - Don't Be Scared By These Hands

  • I Know You (Co-Producer)
  • Tall Dark And Harmless (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Shut Up And Love Me (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • The Swing Of Things (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Fools Cry (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Surprise Yourself (Co-Producer)
  • I've Seen This Movie Before (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Dying Of Delight (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • What's Wrong With That (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Somewhere Deep Inside (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Sarah Brightman - Eden

Luther Vandross - I Know

  • Isn't There Someone (Co-Writer)

Body Talk: Great Love Songs 1965-1995: Disc 1

Shane Minor - Shane Minor

  • Easy To Believe (Co-Writer)

Monica - The Boy Is Mine

SheDaisy - The Whole SheBang

  • Still Holding Out For You (Co-Writer)

Barbra Streisand - A Love Like Ours

  • If You Ever Leave Me (Duet with Vince Gill) (Writer/Co-Producer)


98 Degrees - Revelation

  • The Only Thing That Matters (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Natalie Cole - Greatest Hits-Volume 1

  • Angel On My Shoulder (Co-Writer/Producer)

Countdown - Who Let The Boys Out

  • This I Promise You (Writer)

H.O.T - 99 Live In Seoul

N Sync - No Strings Attached

Kenny Rogers - There You Go Again

  • Crazy Me (Co-Writer/Producer)
  • I Do It For Your Love (Co-Writer/Producer)

SheDaisy - Brand New Year

  • Brand New Year (Co-Writer)

Natalie Cole - Love Songs

  • Angel On My Shoulder (Co-Writer/Producer)

Meredith Edwards - Reach

  • Ready To Fall (Writer)
  • This Is The Heartache - (Co-Writer)
  • Reach - (Co-Writer)

Josh Groban - Josh Groban

Cliff Richard - Wanted

The Tubes - Extended Versions

  • Loveline (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Christina Undhjem - EP

  • Back In My Baby's Arms (Writer)

Michael Bolton - Only A Woman Like You

  • Slowly (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • I Surrender (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Eternally (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Chris Botti - December

  • Perfect Day (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Co-Producer)

Emerson Drive - Emerson Drive

Marie Sisters - Marie Sisters

  • I Will Hold On (Co-Writer/Producer/Strings)
  • If I Fall In Love Tonight (Co-Writer/Producer)

Olivia Newton-John - (2)

  • Never Far Away (Duet with Richard Marx) (Writer/Co-Producer)

Paulina Rubio - Border Girl

  • Border Girl[1] (Co-Writer)

SheDaisy - Knock On The Sky

  • All Over You (Co-Writer)

Barbra Streisand - Duets

  • I Won't Be The One To Let Go (Duet with Barry Manilow) (Co-Writer/Producer)
  • If You Ever Leave Me (Duet with Vince Gill (Writer/Co-Producer)

Bonnie Tyler - Heart Strings

John Tesh - The Power Of Love

  • This I Promise You (Writer)

Chicago - The Box

  • Good For Nothing (Co-Writer)

Billy Ray Cyrus - The Other Side

  • Holding On To A Dream (Co-Writer)

Vince Gill - Next Big Thing

  • Someday (Co-Writer/Producer)

Kenny Loggins - It's About Time

  • With This Ring (Co-Writer)
  • I Miss Us (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • The One That Got Away (Co-Writer)
  • The Undeniable Groove (Co-Writer)

Sister Hazel - Chasing Daylight

  • Life Got In The Way (Co-Writer)

Kristy Starling - Kristy Starling

  • To Where You Are (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father

Smooth Sax Tribute To Luther Vandross

Kellie Coffey - A Little More Me

  • Dance With My Father (Co-Writer)

Emerson Drive - What If

  • Last One Standing (Co-Writer/Producer)
  • Lemonade (Producer)
  • If You Were My Girl (Co-Writer/Producer)
  • What If (Producer)
  • I'll Die Trying (Producer)
  • November (Producer)
  • Fishin' In The Dark (Producer)
  • You're Like Coming Home (Producer)
  • Take It From Me (Producer)
  • Waiting On Me (Producer)
  • Running Back To You (Writer/Producer)
  • Simple Miracles (Co-Writer/Producer)
  • Still Got Yesterday (Producer)
  • Rescued (Producer)

William Hung - Miracle: Happy Summer From William Hung

Kimberley Locke - One Love

  • Without You (Co-Writer)

Donny Osmond - What I Meant To Say

Kenny Rogers - 42 Ultimate Hits

  • Crazy (Co-Writer)

Sissel - My Heart

  • Someone Like You (Co-Writer/Producer)
  • Beyond Imagination (Co-Writer/Producer)

Sister Hazel - Lift

  • Surrender (Co-Writer)
  • World Inside My Head (Co-Writer)

Keith Urban - Be Here

Sounds Of The Seasons

Ultimate '80's

N Sync - Greatest Hits

Matt Tyler - Love Songs

Ronan Tynan - Ronan

  • Ready To Fly (Writer)

Disney's Happiest Celebration On Earth: 50 Years

Golden Slumbers: A Father's Love

So Amazing: An All Star Tribute To Luther Vandross

Clay Aiken - A Thousand Different Ways

Toni Braxton - Libra

Julio Iglesias - Romantic Classics

Ronan Keating - Bring You Home

  • Just When I'd Give Up Dreaming (Co-Writer)

Sister Hazel - Absolutely

  • Meet Me In The Memory (Co-Writer/Producer)

Keith Urban - Love, Pain, And The Whole Crazy Thing

Luther Vandross - The Ultimate Luther Vandross

Country Dance Kings - A Tribute To Keith Urban

Graham Colton - Here Right Now

  • Take You Back (Co-Writer)

Kipper - This Is Different

  • When You Come Around (Co-Writer)

Kenny Loggins - How About Now

  • I'll Remember Your Name (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Cliff Richard - Love... The Album

  • The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)

Travis Tritt - The Storm

  • Mudcat Moan (Prelude)/You Never Take Me Dancing (Writer)

Keith Urban - Greatest Hits: 18 Kids

Casey Kasem Presents The Long Distance Dedications

New Music From An Old Friend

  • Richard Marx - Your Goodbye (Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Richard Marx - Hold On To The Nights (Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Kenny Loggins - I'll Remember Your Name (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

George Canyon - What I Do

  • Just Like You (Producer/Co-Writer)
  • Pretty Drunk Out Tonight (Producer)
  • All Or Nothing (Producer/Co-Writer)
  • Let It Out (Producer)
  • In Your Arms Again (Producer/Co-Writer)
  • Back To Life (Producer/Co-Writer)
  • Betty's Buns (Producer)
  • If I Was Jesus (Producer)
  • Fool In Me (Producer/Co-Writer)
  • What I Do (Producer)
  • Last Man (Producer)
  • Second Chance (Co-Writer)
  • I Believe In Angels (Producer)

Hawk Nelson - Hawk Nelson Is My Friend

  • One Little Miracle (Co-Writer)

Barry Manilow - The Greatest Songs Of The Eighties

Alexander O'Neal - Alex Loves

Sister Hazel - Before The Amplifiers, Live Acoustic

  • World Inside My Head (Co-Writer)

Now That's What I Call Country!

Now That's What I Call Music 27


Daughtry - Leave This Town

  • On The Inside (Co-Writer)

Default - Comes And Goes

  • All Over Me (Co-Writer)

Jessie Farrell - Good, Bad, & Pretty Things

  • Nobody Says No (Co-Writer)

Katherine Jenkins - Believe

  • Fear Of Falling (Writer)

Red - Innocence & Instinct

  • Out From Under (Co-Writer)

Kim Sozzi - Just One Day

  • Edge Of A Broken Heart (Co-Writer)

Vertical Horizon - Burning The Days

  • Save Me From Myself (Co-Producer)
  • Here (Co-Producer)



First Signal - First Signal

  • Part Of Me (Co-Writer)
  • When November Falls (Co-Writer)

Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors

  • Had Enough (Co-Writer)
  • Best Of Me (Co-Writer)

Philip Sayce - Innerevolution

  • Scars (Co-Writer)
  • Bitter Monday (Co-Writer)

Ringo Starr - Y Not

  • Mystery Of The Night (Co-Writer)

Keith Urban - Get Closer

  • Long Hot Summer (Co-Writer)


Toni Braxton - Soul Pack

Classic (Joe McElderry album) - Joe McElderry

Twiggy - Romantically Yours


Hinder - Welcome To The Freakshow

  • I Don't Wanna Believe (Co-Writer)

Lionville - Lionville

  • The World Without Your Love (Co-Writer)

Eli Tellor - Eli Tellor

  • Last Man Standing (Co-Writer)
  • Better Days (Co-Writer)


The Afters - Life Is Beautiful

  • Find Your Way (Co-Writer)
  • In My Eyes (Co-Writer)

Blue Sky Riders - Finally Home

  • Little Victories (Co-Writer)

Vertical Horizon - Echoes From The Underground

  • You Never Let Me Down (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
  • Half-Light (Co-Producer)


Dave Koz - The 25th Of December

  • Richard Marx - Another Silent Night (Co-Writer)

Jennifer Nettles - That Girl

  • Know You Wanna Know (Co-Writer)
  • Every Little Thing (Co-Writer)


Ringo Starr - Postcards From Paradise

  • Right Side Of The Road (Co-Writer)
  • Not Looking Back (Co-Writer)


Rita Wilson - Rita Wilson

  • Say Yes (Co-Writer)


Vertical Horizon - The Lost Mile

  • I'm Not Running (Co-Writer)


  1. ^ - Border Girl by Paulina Rubio