Romo Lampkin

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Romo Lampkin
Battlestar Galactica character
First appearance "The Son Also Rises"
Last appearance "Daybreak"
Portrayed by Mark Sheppard
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Defense attorney; President of the Twelve Colonies Of Kobol (Daybreak pt.3)

Romo Lampkin is a fictional character in the television remake of Battlestar Galactica. He is portrayed by Mark Sheppard. He first appeared in the third season episode, "The Son Also Rises".

Lampkin is appointed by Laura Roslin and Admiral Adama as Gaius Baltar's Public Defender after Baltar's previous attorney, Alan Hughes, was assassinated in a bombing. Lampkin uses deceit to manipulate others into revealing useful information. During the period of Baltar's trial, he steals items that give him insight or handicap his opponents. These items often revealed characters' feelings and personalities, such as Adama's uniform button, or they are items people required, such as Roslin's eyeglasses, Baltar's pen, and a bomb part from Aaron Kelly. He often uses his cane as a distraction for his pickpocketing efforts. He typically wears dark sunglasses which allow him to read and observe those around him without giving anything away himself.

He risks his life repeatedly in the series for the good of others, such as continuing to be Baltar's lawyer despite the strong possibility of being killed for it ("The Son Also Rises") and risking his life to help Starbuck get Anders to the infirmary during a mutiny ("Blood on the Scales").