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Romstar Inc. was a video game distribution company based in Torrance, California that started operations in 1984. They originally started as the first American distribution arm for SNK (before SNK of America was founded in 1987). They were known for licensing arcade games from major makers for distribution. Among Romstar's clients include Taito, Capcom, SNK, Toaplan, and Seta. They also made games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Game Boy. The company closed its doors in 1992.

Currently, the key personnel of Romstar, Takahito Yasuki, Ron Czerny, and Darryl Williams, later founded Atrativa Games and Playphone, both cellular phone entertainment companies. Playphone was acquired by GungHo Online Entertainment in October 2014.[1]

List of Games distributed by Romstar[edit]

Licensed from Taito[edit]

Licensed from Capcom[edit]

Licensed from SNK[edit]

Licensed from Seta[edit]

Licensed from Toaplan[edit]



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